Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Where to begin?

Life is crazy. I'm planning a wedding. I have a new job (same employer) with much more responsibility. I've been trying to get some health problems diagnosed for five months so far. All my money goes to medical bills. I don't wear vintage now - all my clothes are too big for me.

I don't think I want to blog any longer. Maybe I will again in the future, in a different stage in life. But not this stage.

So I bid you farewell for now. Here's a photo of myself dressed as Dorothy (sewn by me!)

Thanks for following, thanks for commenting, thanks for supporting <3

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Antique Fair swagger

Before we went on holidays (and that reminds me, I still need to do a holiday photo post), I went to the local Antique Fair in town. It was a fateful day that can best be described using dot points (so as not to bore you):

♥ I drove the FC to get fuel, before hitting up a local church fĂȘte for some home-made sponge cake and tomato sauce.

♥ But... the FC broke down at the service station. A lovely young chap helped me push her away from the bowsers and into a parking spot.

♥ While pushing the FC, I lost a very integral button on my 1960s tunic dress :(

♥ I messaged my dad and said "Guess what? The old girl has done it again", then trundled off to the Antique Fair instead (thank gosh it's a small town)

♥ I snapped up the below items before my dad arrived to look at the beast.

♥ He thought the starter motor had blown, so I left the FC in his capable hands, then stole Mum's car and went to get my sponge cake and tomato sauce.

♥ But there was only fruit cake left (yuck!), so I came away with just two bottles of sauce.

♥ Dad and my brother had to tow-start the poor FC down the main street of town, which was quite a spectacle.

♥ The new starter motor cost me over $150, which balances out the $20 I spent buying the 3 canisters, some baby items (don't read too much into it) and two bottles of sauce.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Short but sweet

[Are you all Xmas-ed out? I'm a bit of a humbug this time of year, so there'll be no Xmas posts from me.]

What a productive day! As well as doing a whole lotta work today, I also managed to confirm our wedding date, our venue and accommodation (thankfully in the one spot), and our photographer.

Our photographer was a no-brainer... she's the sister of one of our best mates, and her work is amazing. Plus, she is super crafty... she made the handbag I'm sporting too! But do you think I could capture a photo with the bag entirely in view? Heck no!

P.S. I look grumpy because straight after these photos I had to start carting lucerne bales in from the paddock and into the hayshed before the rain hit. Four tough, sweaty, dirty hours in an old 1960s truck? I don't think so.

ballet flats - DeBonisOrquera 
vintage Omega watch - gift

Monday, 19 December 2011

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Once in a lifetime

One of the sad things about living in the 21st century but loving the mid-20th century is knowing that you'll never be able to experience some of the big things from the past that you love. Seeing the Beatles live in concert? Watching man's first step on the moon in '69? Seeing The Blob at the drive-ins in a chrome-covered car with your beau? Not gonna happen.

This is why I am so amazed at what I am about to tell you.

We are seeing The Platters AND The Drifters live in concert. THE PLATTERS AND THE DRIFTERS! Sure, they're all missing an original band member, but who cares? March 22nd, 2012 will never come around quick enough.

To get the chance to see the bands that sang "The Great Pretender", "My Prayer", "Only You" (The Platters), "Under the Boardwalk" and "Save the Last Dance" (The Drifters) is one of those mind blowing moments, for me at least, that takes a while to sink in.

So right now just excuse me as I jump around and dance to sweet early doo-wop tunes.

FYI - Melbournites can see The Platters and The Drifters on March 23rd at Crown