Friday, 23 January 2009

A smattering of decor

eBay, etsy and online stores are swimming with kitsch and quirky homewares for rockabilly guys and dolls.

Some of my favourites include:

Pin-up cushion covers from eBay seller davidbarber02

Tattoo flash sheets and pillow cases from Sin In Linen

And how about something for you?

I absolutely adore these paper cherry earrings. I'll definitely be buying these soon:


On a more personal note, I bought a dressing table! Now, I can hear you all tisking and tutting at me for breaking my spending ban. Well, the dressing table was a whopping $27.00 from eBay - Queen Anne style and everything! Thankfully the seller had no idea what they were selling, as well as being a new member, which kept the price low.

So tomorrow I'm off on a four hour round trip (damn living in the country) to pick up my certifiably cheapskate dressing table! All I need now is to convince my mum to "donate" her boudoir stool to me.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Melbournians - free over Australia Day weekend?

If you've got some spare time up your sleeve, I suggest going to the 44th Victorian Hot Rod Show at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Carlton.

The hard working team at the Victorian Hot Rod Association are bringing to you the cream of Australias hot rods, customs, street machines, old and new, vans and classic vehicles in a exhilarating collage of color, chrome and class from all over Australia.

Admission is $20 for adults, $10 for children under 12, and $40 for families. The show runs:
Friday January 23 12noon-10pm
Saturday January 24 10am-10pm
Sunday January 25 10am-10pm
Monday January 26 10am-6pm

See you there!

Peta Pledger

I have been eyeing off the gorgeous designs by Peta Pledger for quite some time - the hardest part is deciding which dress I love best! (Damn, spending ban!)

I absolutely adore the Buffy dress, so I think that will be my first purchase. Such a pity that when I'm cashed up, it will be winter and I won't have an opportunity to wear such a fabulous dress. Click on the pic below to be taken to Peta Pledger's etsy store:

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Garter Belts & Gasoline

I am very jealous of all you Queensland pinups. Why, you may ask? Because you can go to the second annual Garter Belts & Gasoline rockabilly rod & kustom show. There you'll find everything pre-1965 classic cars, hotrods, lowrider bikes, to pin-up girl competitions and live music.

Entry is cheap, and it's bound to be a fab weekend. If I weren't on my spending ban, I'd seriously consider going (how cool would it be to road trip up there in my FC... well, actually it'd be slow going in a car that barely reaches 100km/hr, without aircon, power steering or cruise control), but what the heck!

If anyone out there attends, do let me know how it was!

If I had money…

(This will probably be a common theme now, what with the spending ban and all.)

If I had money… I’d buy this:

Bettie Page Clothing Margarita dress. Hopefully by winter I’ll be able to afford it (if it’s not sold out by then, that is!)

On a side note, my budgeting is going swimmingly. I haven’t bought anything unnecessary, in fact, I’ve actually made extra money by selling clothes on eBay (sigh, I’ll never get to wear the Lucky 13 dress), and all the extra cash is going straight onto my credit card, so I can be debt free sooner!

Has anyone noticed that time seems to go much more slowly when you’re not spending? I think it is because I know it will take me four and a half months to be debt free, and I’m just dying for my next payday so I can make the debt just that extra bit smaller.

To keep me motivated, I’ve borrowed the book “Money & Happiness – A guide to living the good life” by Laura Rowley from work, which I will begin reading as soon as I finish my current book, “Frugal Living for Dummies”, which contains some great ideas. Although, I have to say that I’m amazed at the idea of reusable sanitary items – honestly ladies, there is such a thing is being a tightass.

On a more 50s note, I also borrowed the book ‘Vargas’ from work , which showcases some of his artwork from his career. I’m actually hunting for a pin-up suitable to be my next tattoo, but I don’t think Vargas is it. I think I’ll end up choosing a pin-up by Elvgren, but we’ll see!

Monday, 19 January 2009

The debt that ensues

As you may remember, I recently suffered a small splurge of the financial kind. Not my finest moment, I must admit. Normally, said small splurge wouldn't have been such a problem for the ol' credit card, except that it happened just two days after Christmas, and less than a month before bills and vehicle insurance premiums were due. So, ever since my small splurge, I have been in debt. Quite in debt. (I'm sure using my credit card to buy a 37" LCD TV also doesn't help.)

So... I am on a budget that even a Nazi dictator would be in awe of. Taking inspiration from fellow Voguettes (long story), I bought (yes, yes, I could have borrowed it from work for free... I thought of that later) the book "Debt Free, Cashed Up and Laughing" and whizzed through it in a matter of days. I've taken on quite a few tips mentioned in said book, such as:

- Dealing entirely in cash - I have nine envelopes on my kitchen table, for all the regular expenses such as groceries, rent, electricity, even crickets for my pet lizard. Each pay day I place the allocated money into the corresponding envelope, and that is all I can spend for the fortnight (except for utility bills, where the money accumulates until the quarterly bill arrives).

- Planning meals ahead - this is a big one for my partner and myself, as we tend to get home from work, realise the panty is empty, then head to the supermarket, which results in us coming home with more items than we planned. Now I plan a week ahead, and purchase everything (except fresh items like fruit/vegies and seafood) once a week.

- Create a price book - A great concept where you document the advertised prices of your regularly bought supermarket items in a notebook, and after a few months of diligent documentation, you should begin to see how often your items go on sale, and what their cheapest price is (so you know when to stock up).

Admittedly, I'm only in my first week. But I am feeling very motivated. I'm not reading "Frugal Living for Dummies", and I think that constantly reading budgeting and personal finance books when I feel the urge to spend money might be the key. Going by my calculations, I should be out of debt in 4.5 months. I am sure I could do it quicker, but that'd be using money set aside for doctors etc.

So, in light of my current financial situation, I unfortunately am selling my gorgeous Lucky 13 'After Hours' dress - she's unopened, brand new in her packaging straight from Daddy Os. Here she is on eBay if you want to give her a new home.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The best party ever

As you may recall, I was very excited to attend a friend's engagement party over the weekend. I primped and preened, I plucked and shaved. We made it to the motel mid afternoon and settled down in our mates' room to watch some cricket and drink some sauce.

Cut to three hours later and my headache starts to kick in. I look stunning (if I may say so myself) in my 'Bernadette' dress - I get quite a few compliments, and even my man's best mate was checking me out quite obviously. Nothing like that to boost the self esteem. Sink two panadols and hope for the best.

(That's Ratfink. I guess I'd better explain that too... Some other time)

Cut to an hour later, where I start to feel quite ill from the loud (and terrible) music, and the lack of food. I end up leaving the party to retire to our motel room (a mere three rooms down the corridor) to rest my head for a bit.

Headache morphs into a fully fledged migraine. Cut to 2am when my disgustingly drunk partner stumbles in after jumping in a spa bath fully clothed. I, however, have spent the last few hours vomiting up whatever was in my stomach and more, and crying from the pain. He passes out on the bed. I sleep on the floor in front of the bathroom for safety. I sleep an hour.

7am blissfully arrives. Perfect time to tell the other half he's taking me home right now. Apparently that isn't on the agenda, only sleep is, so he vomits then goes back to sleep. I walk two hours to Moorabin and back to see the only doctor I could find open on a Sunday morning, crying/vomiting the whole way. He gives me an injection in the rear to stop my nausea, which thankfully works a treat. I then struggle to find a pharmacy open, and cry when I eventually do. Buy some jelly beans too for good luck. Return to the motel, other half still in bed. Doesn't give a damn. I nearly flay him alive.

We eventually check out of the motel, the other half drives me home, only now realising how seriously sick I am. I take the knock-out medicine while in the car, manage to drag myself to bed when we arrive home at midday. There I stay until the following morning when I go to work feeling like I am inside a fluffy bubble.

So I missed what was apparently the best party ever. It was so good, that nobody even noticed I was missing (oh yes, the bride-to-be told me so in an email after I apologised for leaving early). I am annoyed. I am hurt. I have a headache. The end.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Eye candy

Just a quick post. My other half and I are checked into our motel for our friends' engagement party tonight - the motel doubles as the function location too, so it's pretty much swarming with Geelong kids... ripper.

I've just taken a time-out from the action (read: drinking and watching cricket), to make the most of the free wireless internet and rest my weary head - you know the bug going around that comprises entirely of sore throats and headaches? Well, I'm pretty much bug central right now.

So... checked my Myspace account for the first time in months, and I had a friend request from a WA rockabilly band. And would you take a look at the bass player:

Yes, most of the attraction is in the hairstyle, suit and bass. Anything wrong with that?

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The perfect Bettie Page fringe

Happy 2009! I trust you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years? Mine was very quiet, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Now, back on topic.

The Bettie Page fringe is probably the single most identifying feature of the pin-up or rockabilly girl. It can be a hard fringe to wear, and certainly a pain in the proverbial to style. However, the hardest thing is finding a competent hairdresser to cut your fringe. In this department, I feel I have been blessed.

When I first decided upon the Bettie Page fringe, I didn't have a regular hairdresser, having recently just returned to Australia from overseas. I knew there wouldn't be a hairdresser in my local town suitable, so the hunt was on. I ended up going to the first place I found (on Myspace, no less). And just like that, my search was over. The name of the salon? Madame Gothic Glamour. Yes, the name does sound a little ominous. And yes, gothic is probably the more fitting name. But don't let that fool you. Admittedly, Thornbury (in Melbourne) is a little bit of a travel for me (we're talking half hour drive to the train station, an hour train ride, then a half hour tram ride out High St, Thornbury... but it's totally worth it. So much so, people approach me and ask if I'm wearing a wig, that's how perfect my hair looks.

So... it's been a while since my last fringe trim, actually, it's quite overdue. So I'm booked in for tomorrow evening, God bless hairdressers being open outside of regular work hours. I shall post a picture of my trimmed hair, maybe one taken wearing my new Bettie Page Clothing 'Bernadette' dress, as I'm wearing it to an engagement party on Saturday night. Well, I'll be virtually indistinguishable from the real Bettie Page (RIP... sad news).