Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The sexiest ad yet...

So... I've been thinking. About tattoos. I've already got the itch, and it's only been a few months since my last one.

The idea came to my while waiting for the Top Gear show to start in Sydney a few weekends ago. They played five or six ads over and over again, God bless them. At least one ad was fantastic. Some of you may know it.

Yes, it's that fantastic Virgin ad. I love it. And I really love the pin-up painted on the side of the plane. Which leads me to my idea for a tattoo. I've always wanted an Aussie tattoo (and I was thinking of the shape of a Qantas kangaroo, filled in the with flag, but it's too hard to get the Southern Cross in such a small space), and I've also always wanted a pin-up. So....

Substitute the British flag for the Aussie flag, and I've got myself a perfect tattoo! The hardest part will be finding an artist to trust bringing the design to life. What do you all think?

The dressing table... finally!

It's finally here - a pic of my $27 dressing table from eBay:

Yup, it's covered in crap. And yup, our rental has nasty 70s carpet.

Monday, 23 February 2009

$$$ Chi-ching $$$

Yesterday I had a most successful day - selling my old clothes at the Belmont market! A lass from work and myself decided on this, seeing as we both had damn too many clothes that were taking up space and weren't being worn. I did some extensive culling of my wardrobe - so much so that now I have about 1/4 of my wardrobe filled with tops, when previously it was chocka-block.

I dressed up for the occasion in a massive full skirt (with crinoline underneath, of course), cute blouse and red cardi. I even baked a cake and brought rounds of sandwiches so I wouldn't be tempted spending my earnings on greasy, deep-fried food.

Barely had I started setting up my stall (at 6:30am, mind you), when people started swarming over my wares, and before I knew it, I'd made $60 before 7am. Cut to 1.30pm (pack-up time) and I was $180 wealthier and almost entirely cleared out. What was left over went to the Salvos on the way home, via Hungry Jacks drive-thru as a treat (apologies to the cars behind me who were held up by my paying $15 in 20c pieces.)

So now my wardrobe is thinner, my bank account healthier, and my house decluttered! It was definitely worth the 5:30am wakeup call, although I'm paying for it today.

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Pinup Workshop Co. is heading to Sydney!

Just a quick heads up girls, the Pinup Workshop is heading to Sydney for one day only! I definitely recommend it - so be quick, there's only 8 places.

All Ford Day

I first must admit that I am so sorry for STILL not putting up a photo of my dressing table. My camera is sitting here next to me, but every day I forget to bring the cable into work! My level of forgetfulness even astounds me.


All Ford Day.

What can I say? The most Fords I've seen in one place. There was a mix of the old and the new (and the in-between). You've really got to question why someone would enter their 1980s piece-of-junk in the show...

Wankers, wogs, sub-woofers and tacky mods aside, there were some spectacular cars. A standout was the red supercharged XP coupe, and of course all of the customlines. (I've got a picture I'd like to share, but of course it's on my camera... So a photo care of the Geelong Advertiser will have to do for now)


On the debt front, I'm going great guns. I haven't bought anything in weeks, and I'm now just 62 days until I'm debt free! On Sunday I'll be sharing a market stall with a friend from work, to try and a) clear out some of my unworn clothes, and b) make some mullah!

On a downside, I sat down and made a trial budget for my other half. And it's not good. Apart from having a measly $40 left over each week after all his expenses, he also needs to pull a grand out of thin air next week for bills. Poor tyke. Oh well, what can you do. She'll be right!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Queenscliff Rod Run 2009

Apologies for the below post regarding the MAC pigment samples for sale - my sale thread on VF is so full already, and I figured this was the easiest way! I'll be deleting it as soon as they sell (hopefully asap!)


Well, last weekend was the annual Queenscliff Rod Run. It's amazing to see such a huge number of rods and classics in such a small town. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures because I was too concerned with keeping my dress down in the crazy winds that whipped through the park. But here are some pictures taken by a professional:

I really feel for the poor bloke who had a massive cypress branch come crashing down on his prized possession! We all heard the crack (I thought it was lightning), and we watched it come crashing down almost as if it was in slow motion. A lot of cars headed home after that, and who can blame them?

I was wearing my Viven of Holloway 'Chantilly White' dress (which was meant to be saved for the wedding coming up, but I couldn't hold out that long!) And guess what... we ran into so many of Jarrod's relatives! Oh well, they're just going to have to see me in the dress a second time. The couple who are getting married were there too, but we didn't bump into them fortunately!


This weekend (why, tomorrow actually!) my family, partner and I are flying to Sydney to see the Top Gear show. I'm talking UK show here, none of this Aussie Top Gear bullshit. I'm very excited to see Jeremy and Richard, but I'm slightly disappointed that James isn't going to be there (I have a wee bit of an old man crush on James May). We're in Sydney for less than 24 hours, so no chance to shop I'm afraid (not that I rate Sydney's shopping that much anyway). 6am flights both days are going to leave me so exhausted by the end, I can imagine!

And soon to come - pictures of my dressing table!