Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hopeless Lingerie

I simply must share with you the creative talent of a fellow VF member. Her Etsy store is called Hopeless (link), and she makes absolutely gorgeous silk lingerie:

Simply gorgeous.

It's enough to make you cry

Look at these gorgeous dresses! I've never seen so many true vintage items in such beautiful condition.

Definitely a Etsy seller to add to your favourites! (LINK) (found by the gorgeous hopelesslydevoted on VF - who is the creator of gorgeous lingerie - see next post)

Today's the day!

The painting is finished today! Hallelujah! We should be able to start moving stuff in this weekend, provided we don't put fingerprints in the fresh paint (I've been told it may take a few days to dry - why couldn't they have used 6 hr paint instead?!) Hopefully pictures to follow tonight.

Yesterday I headed up to Melbourne for a CAVAL training session - learning about the Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client. An absolute ball of fun. At some stages, I actually started nodding off to sleep. I absolutely cannot imagine commuting to Melbourne every day, or having to work in the city. So many people in dreary grey or black suits, rushing about in their lunch breaks (it took me 20 of my 30 min lunch break just to get to the front of the queue to order my lunch). It's times like these when I realise how lucky I am to live in the country.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Motifo - I simply had to share!

I came across this company while flicking through an old womens mag in the tea room at work. They sell sets of magnets, and they're used to create images on your fridge! I particularly like Elvis:

And here's what they look like on your fridge:

There are quite a few different colour packs to choose from (I prefer the grey-scale pack), and then you simply go onto their website, and download instructions for the design you want! I'll be definitely buying a set once they come back in stock.

T minus 7 days and counting

Finally semester one is over! I submitted my final assignment last night - and really, I did a very half-assed job. But as long as I pass, I'm not phased.

Today Oscar the painter starts painting! How very exciting. It should take him until Thursday or Friday to finish, which leaves the weekend for paint drying, then the start of next week we can begin moving! A whole week earlier than anticipated!

Last night we spent a few hours down there cleaning the kitchen and windows. I had the unfortunate job of scrubbing the cupboard shelves, which were crusted in 25 years of grime and dust. It's so rewarding to see things sparkling clean again though. We found a little treasure in the back of a cupboard - a little metal note holder (perhaps) with a paper cover - listing the Australian cricket team's matches for 1936 - 1937 on one side, and Don Bradman and another cricketer's photos on the other. Another thing to be valued by the antique dealer.

I also picked up my gorgeous dining chairs from Melbourne (see below post) - and they scrubbed up a treat. They're extremely comfortable and supportive for my back, which is an added bonus. Now I just need two or four more!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

God Bless eBay

We have chairs for the dining table! Albeit only two. But look how cool they are:


I'm hoping to be able to find another two or four seats in a similar style and varying colours so we have a mismatched (yet still stylish) dining table.


Last night I went down to the farmhouse to help my dad and brother move all of the furniture into the kitchen so the steam cleaners can clean the carpet today! I went over all the carpeted areas with my grandparent's Dyson, which is now on my 'Must Buy' list - it literally sucked up 25 years of dust out of the carpet. In just three rooms and I had to empty the catcher 4 times!

The house is definitely beginning to feel more like ours with the removal of all the furniture and the near completion of the interior painting. It does appear that I stuffed up my timeline somewhat! It should read:

Tues 16th (today) - carpets cleaned
Mon 22nd - Fri 26th - Oscar the painter in

So... I was a week out with my timeline, which means we should be able to move in earlier! It'll be a relief to be able to move in gradually, especially considering how finicky I am, and I'm bound to become one grumpy, dictating girl!


My next item to find is a retro garden bench like this:

Then I'll paint it in pastel colours - I simply cannot find a picture online though. Am I crazy in thinking that items like this used to have their wooden slats painted in alternate pastel colours? I'm thinking pastel pink, green, blue and yellow.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm obsessed....

... with the vintage Indian sweater the character Burt Munro wears in The World's Fastest Indian. I've tried reproducing one using a American Apparel raglan tee and an Indian logo from eBay, but the colours ran on my tee and ruined it :(

Mmmmm... such a beautiful sweater.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

You know you're growing up when you eat dinner at the table instead of on the couch!

I have recently (read: past two hours) become obsessed with finding chairs to match our retro 1950s laminex table. It was given to us as a freebie from my brother's boss - they used it on-site as their smoko table, so she was covered in paint and Lord knows what else (nothing a little nail polish remover couldn't fix though). So now we're buying a new couch, I've forbidden us to eat dinner on it. So the dining table must have chairs! Our table is identical to this one shown below:

So now I'm on the hunt for some chairs to match. And it's harder than I thought. I'd really love some reproduction ones like this:

... But cost is a factor (and that particular company is located in the US). I'm thinking of trying the Mill Markets here in Geelong - they always have fab retro furniture, but I can see myself struggling to find a full set of chairs without coming with the table itself too!

Will keep you updated on my hunt!


P.S. I managed to live through the physio appointment I scored last night with only a slight case of hyperventilation. And guess what, I'm headache free today! My neck is very tender though after he spent nearly an hour prodding and poking my apparently very tense neck. I've been given a set of exercises to do to try and strengthen some lazy muscles, and to stretch out the tense ones. Fingers crossed I'm on the mend!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Good news.... I guess

I finally seem to have a diagnosis for the constant headaches that have been plaguing me for months... they're migraines, not headaches at all! Apparently my pain threshold must be higher than I thought. My doctor thinks I'm an idiot for thinking they were good old headaches, especially when each one was accompanied by light and sound sensitivity and sometimes an aura.

This comes after seeing a doctor during my last episode about two weeks ago, who told me my headaches were caused by a lack of fresh air. Dude, I live on a farm - I can't get much more fresh air than that. Dimwit.

But at least now I have a diagnosis. I've also got migraine medication at $10 a tablet... which has broken the poor bank account. I've simply got to see a physio now, seeing as the root of all my problems are the muscles in my neck... not too sure how I'll handle it though, because I have a phobia of people touching me. I'm already so nervous that I can't eat, and I haven't even made the appointment yet! I'm thinking I'll have to pull out my last Xanax tablet I've been saving for a special occasion to see me through the appointment.

So at least it's a start. But I've been sworn off all my favourite things - codeine for the pain, and I can't each chocolate, cheese or citrus fruits, or drink alcohol! How am I ever going to survive!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

It always seems like the end of the day, week, month, year, is always so far away when you're looking forward to something. And then it flies past without you even noticing. Well, I'm certainly hoping that's the case with the month of June... because we're moving into our new house at the end of the month!

Things are certainly flying along now. Here's a little timeline:

8th June - brother continuing painting interior, hopefully finished later this week
11th June - solar hot water service installed
23rd June - carpets steam cleaned
24th June - can start moving some stuff in
29th June - Oscar the painter comes to finish off the painting my brother couldn't do (skirting boards, architraves, doors)
3rd July - start of weekend, begin seriously moving everything in, and clean up current house
8th July - current lease expires, hand keys back to real estate agent!

Such an exciting time! Now we've (ok, I've) got to start cleaning our current house, and throwing out a year's worth of collected junk. I'll have to be ruthless, because we're moving into a house smaller than our current one, so there's considerably less space.


Over the weekend we spent up big! First we went to IKEA <3 and bought curtains, cushions for our new couch, a shower curtain ($4, sweet!), a wooden chopping board and food containers (perfect size for leftovers, 3 for $3!). The cushions are too cute - however I'm worried that being cream, they'll get very dirty, very quickly! In that case, I can blame Jarrod, because he denied me my bright red cushions.

We also ordered our new couch, identical to this one here except we ordered a 3 seater (LINK). Just a cheapy Fantastic couch, but it's a 1000% improvement on our current couch, which is actually a futon.

Everything is slowly coming together!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The difference between vintage and classic

There is one thing that absolutely annoys me, and it's the overuse of the term 'vintage', especially when referring to cars. The culprits are girls on the Vogue forum (wedding section to be precise), and I don't think they realise that the term 'vintage' doesn't quite work the same way it does with clothes.

So, voguettes, prepare to be educated:

Vintage cars are usually cars built prior to 1930. They look like this:

Now yes, I understand that some of you may use a vintage car for your wedding. But don't try and tell me that a '59 Galaxie is 'vintage'.

Classic cars are obviously more modern, and the approximate dates vary depending who you speak to. The Classic Car Club of America says that classic cars are those built between 1925 and 1959. But... I would go as far as saying anything pre-mid to late '70s is a classic car (some are muscle cars though). This includes your Galaxies, Customlines, Belairs etc. They look like this:

So girls... GET IT RIGHT!

Shhh... it'll be our little secret

Shhh, I have the proofs of my photo shoot with Paula! I'm not meant to post them because they're unedited, but I'll post a few teasers anyway, seeing as it will be a month before I get my final shots back.

Thoughts? I'm a fan of the two legs in the air, even if it did kill my stomach muscles!

Monday, 1 June 2009

A few of our finds...

As you may remember, we are moving into a farmhouse my parents inherited from my late great uncle. We've just seriously started the tidy up, and I thought I might show some of the cool finds we've made.

First up, not quite a 'find' at all, but our colour choice for the exposed beams. Please note, the walls won't remain that ghastly pink colour, they'll be Antique White USA.

Find #1 - a fox (I think) fur scarf! We found it inside a tied calico bag, and at first we were prodding and poking the bag thinking there was something dead inside. J was too scared to put his hand in, so I dove in and look at it! Beautiful. It looks so adorable on, and a perfect find for winter.

Find #2 - I've already mentioned this - the massive post card album. Well, I've taken some photos for you to see. They're not all of women, there are landscapes and other styles too.

Find #3 - Inside a briefcase we couldn't open (didn't realise we had to swivel the locks to open it - we were looking for keys) we found this... It's the formal dress, I suppose, for brothers in the Order of the Secret Monitor, from what we can gather. I don't know a whole lot about it, but it's part of the Freemasons. Any enlightenment would be fantastic! We also have photos of my late great uncle's father wearing this with his fellow brethren, and induction certificates and whatnot.


I'm currently working on an essay due Friday (taken a 'flex' day off from work, yippee!), then this afternoon we're heading back down for some more tidying up. We found some absolutely nasty things (like vegie scraps meant for the chooks, which had been sitting there for over 3 months), and 20 year old biscuits... but I guess it more than well makes up for the fantastic items we've found! We even found money... around $700 in old paper notes! Fingers crossed the bank will exchange them.


Also, I had my photo shoot with Paula yesterday! It was a very enjoyable day, although I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch at 7.30pm, and woke 12 hours later. I will post pics when I get the proofs (if they're worthy, that is!)