Friday, 31 July 2009

Financial disrepute

I'm there baby! All because of my darling J. I decided to buy him a random, surprise present to give to him while we're away at Halls Gap (long weekend holiday in August). He'd fallen in love with this watch at a local surf shop, but the price tag of $550 was welllll out of his reach. So I remembered the style name, and finally bought it (on credit - gasp!) from the US, for $360!

Turns out the brand, Nixon, have heaps cheaper RRPs in the US than here, and all the websites that stock Nixon have clauses stating they are unable to post internationally... sneaky buggers. But then again, there's always eBay!!!

So coming my darling boyfriend's way is the above watch, the Nixon "The Banks" in gunmetal. I'm usually a very fussy person when it comes to watches, but I absolutely adore this one (and I know he does too!)

I can't wait to give it to him... I'm just hoping I can hold out until we're at Halls Gap to give to him - I'm already having to bite my tongue to try and not give away the location of our mini-holiday! Another mini surprise for him - I've booked us in for couples relaxation massage at Blaze Rock Retreat... can't wait!

Monday, 27 July 2009


Well, what an interesting time is has been.

I've been very crook lately, after finally being diagnosed with "transformed migraines". Pretty much means I have either a tension headache or a migraine every day. Thursday I had a reaction to my migraine medication, so I felt like I couldn't breathe, and lost all feeling in my fingers. Friday I broke down at work when a lady asked me if I was really feeling alright. Trips to the doctor, more medication... what a blast.

I spent the weekend climbing out of my drug induced haze, to come to the realisation that almost all the foods I used to eat are now out of bounds. I cannot eat anything containing tyramine, nitrides, nitrates and sulfites. Which is pretty much everything. Yeast-free pasta tastes like rubber. Gluten-free shortbread is surprisingly nice. Vita-weats are boring. No soy products means pretty much no Asian food. But I guess anything is better than migraines.

Everyone is mothering me at work today, and I'm getting sick of explaining everything. I don't care if I have a migraine every day this week, as long as I feel alright for Friday night = Jimmy Barnes in concert. Likelihood though? Slim to none. I guess J had better come up with a backup concert-goer should I be in a dark, quiet room somewhere.

Friday, 17 July 2009

A kick in the guts

Just got a call from our until-recently-soon-to-be internet provider. Telstra reckon our house is too far away from the exchange, so we cannot get any internet other than DIALUP or SATELLITE! WHAT THE FUCK? We live 3 km away from the exchange, and my parents (who live in the same town) live 4 km away and they have broadband.

I"M LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Just a quick update

Firstly, apologies for not posting recently - we've been very busy settling in to our new house! We're just waiting for the internet to be connected, then I'll be able to blog til my heart is content. Photos to come as soon as we get the net connected (should be by this weekend, hopefully).

Now, on to exciting news... I've been shopping! Lately, I can't seem to lose the shopping bug, but I have a good excuse. Most of my daily-wear clothes (like the jeans and ballet flats I wear to work because it's perennially freezing in the office) are all catastrophically falling apart. The reason? I'm still wearing the same jeans and flats that I took to China, so they're well and truly past their "replace-by" date.

So, my shopping gains so far?
- Jeans West skinny bootcut jeans in a very dark, clean blue wash
- Monkee Genes 70s flares from UK eBay ($35 inc postage)
- Just Jeans bootcut jeans from eBay ($15 inc postage)
- ASOS red polkadot ballet flats
- ASOS navy origami corset top
- ASOS off-white leather tassel loafers
- ASOS bodycon cross-over top
- ASOS black corsage ballet flats
- ASOS navy/white striped ballet flats
- a copy of the Balenciaga City in teal (I don't care that I'm buying a fake - I love the City, and cannot afford the real deal)

You can see I wear a lot of ballet flats. Fingers crossed all the ASOS pairs fit, otherwise it's off to eBay I go. I have a real problem buying shoes, because I hate spending too much on them (hey, I live on a farm, I'm not going to prance around in $200 flats when they're definitely going to be destroyed). So I'm very happy with my purchases, especially all things ASOS, as everything was cheaper than £10). Some pictures follow:

My little letterbox will be overflowing in the next few weeks!


Other news? Well, I can't really think of much. Yesterday J and I celebrated another monthly anniversary (we do it every month) - so I bought him 6 different bottles of imported beer, because he loves trying beers from around the world. So he can now try a beer from Croatia, Hungary, Costa Rica, Japan, France and Belgium. I also bought him a single rose. And he took me out for dinner - we went to an Irish pub and had the seafood platter! Delish...

Friday, 3 July 2009

Gorgeous swimwear... pity it's winter!

I was just perusing the online store Unique Vintage, when I came across these gems:

Esther Williams swimsuit, link HERE

Fables by Barrie swimsuit, link HERE

A) Pity it's winter
B) Pity my body is not swimsuit ready

They're both be absolutely gorgeous for a photoshoot too! Damnit... I'm lemming them!