Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ooh, another thing

I always forget to mention something important.

My headaches are heaps better! (May not be exciting news for you, but it certainly is for me). I've been sticking to my no tyramine diet fairly strictly, my only weaknesses are soy sauce on my sushi, and my traditional Hungry Jacks lunch on Fridays. So the diet, combined with drinking more water, taking a multivitamin daily (magnesium deficiency can cause headaches), sleeping regular hours and having regular remedial massages is definitely working!

Only problem is, I don't know which exactly is the most help! I could always do trial and error to see if it's specifically something I'm doing that's keeping the migraines at bay, but I'm getting used to this lifestyle now, and it's helping me in other ways (like losing weight, yay!) so I'm going to stick to it, with some slight adjustments to the diet - I want to bring back onion, potato and some tinned food like diced tomatos, because cooking from scratch is really time consuming and more expensive!

I don't really miss alcohol, chocolate, cola or cheese... They're the four biggest triggers for me I think, seeing as I was eating/drinking these things regularly when my migraines were at their worst. Hopefully they'll be a thing of the past now!

Whad'ya know?

Would you believe it... we got the internet! And not satellite either, but broadband! Just goes to show that Telstra have no fucking idea what's going on.

But anyway, there was much rejoicing, much eBaying and much online PS3 playing... And I probably should add much studying, but we all know that isn't true. I'm actually meant to be writing an essay right now on library collection development policy, but you can see I've got better ideas in mind... Posting pics of our house!

My new car! Got it on Tuesday after Charlie the Cressida kicked the bucket. My new wheels? A 1998 VT Berlina. Love!

The Munchkin, aka Ace. He's so freaking obsessed with that ball, it goes everywhere with him. It's like puppy heroin to him... maybe he needs rehab?

Now... the house. Here's before:

And after :

Our bedroom:

My favourite part of the house:

Ok.... enough pictures for now!