Friday, 27 November 2009

I don't do things by halves...

The aforementioned F21 order appears to have been my downfall. Since placing that fateful order, I have purchased the below items from etsy - one, a 50s wool skirt, the other, a pair of 40s slacks. Pity that we're heading into a scorching hot summer, while I'm purchasing winter items I'll have to wait 6 months to wear!

 But that's alright... I'm patient!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


The shopping ban, that is! I lasted seven of the fifteen days, which is pretty poor form, I must admit. I succumbed to the evil temptress that is Forever 21, and placed a group order with 3 other girls. However, all is not lost, as I've managed to pay off my credit card... so I'm back at my normal fiscal level, i.e. no CC debt! I also have plenty of items ending on eBay soon, so that should bring in a few more pennies!

Now... what do you think of the new layout? Like? I had a fiddle round with a free template, and I think I like it. We'll see, it may change again soon!

Last night I played with my new Vintage Hairstyling book, and I attempted the Marcel Wave technique using a curling iron. One half of my hair I used the curling iron to create the curls too, the other I used hot rollers (on dry hair). I learnt a few things: a) my hair is probably too long, b) hot rollers hold the curl much better, c) my curling iron is possibly too big in diameter, and d) I'm very unco at hairstyling, which resulted in a few burns. The finished product was alright, the left side of the photo was done with hot rollers, the right done with the curling iron. Apologies for the lack of makeup - camera flashes make me look sickly white.

Turns out I do in fact own a curling iron - it was at my parents house, hidden away in a bathroom cupboard. Tonight I'm going to try hot rollers with wet hair. I'm also stalking a few portable bonnet hairdryers on eBay, so I can multitask while my hair dries. Anywho, I shall reattempt tonight, and post pictures of my triumph or failure tonight!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Spending Ban : Day 7

No tempting purchases to mention today, as my spending ban is really being tested at the moment! Instead, I'll update you on some of the happenings of late.

1. I graduated from the Couch to 5km program (C25K) - it took me over 3 months, and it was the third time I'd attempted it, after two failed starts over the past 4 years. I kept at it, and ran my three 5km runs in under 30 minutes, so I have officially graduated! Such an incredible feeling. Now I'm training for the 5.5km Dawnbusters Fun Run on December 31st at 7am.

2. I received my 'Vintage Hairstyling' book in the mail yesterday, and it is AMAZING! It is set out so well, is super informative and easy to follow, plus it has pictures for each step - a total of 17 just for the Pin Curl Wave! The book starts off with simple instructions for basic styling techniques and tools used, then has pages and pages of styles with accompanying instructions, from easier styles through to amazingly complex ones. Here are a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite:


Hmm... Well, I thought I had more news than this! So just a few little tidbits - I've finished Christmas present shopping, and everything is all wrapped up too! I haven't lost much more weight, as I became tempted by bad foods last week. But I'm back on the straight and narrow, and hoping to lose the final 3.9kg by the end of January... actually, by NYE if I can make it!After my frivolous spending over the past few weeks, I have wrangled my credit card debt back to almost nothing, so I can start putting money aside for my car restoration again - hopefully it should be in the shop January sometime! (Eeek though about finding a decent mechanic who won't rip me off!)

Tonight I am going to attempt a style from my new hairstyling book, urged on by the lovely Sils, who too is attempting a vintage style tonight. Sils also blogs on all things vintage : you can view her blog here.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Spending Ban : Day 6

Today's lust-have? Cats eye classes! The perfect accessory to your sweater set and full skirt. I am yet to own a pair of these, however, I am getting a prescription pair made for me in January (once my health insurance will cover some of it again - a year is too long to wait for new specs!)

Vintageous has an amazing selection of vintage frames (sans lenses) so you can have your own prescription or sunglasses lenses added! Here's a few of my favourites.

Tryst Pink frames from Vintageous

Carol frames from Vintageous

Colette Blue frames from Vintageous

And for all you Melbourne readers, you can get your own custom-made cats eye (or any style, really) glasses from iSpex at 3 Johnston St, Collingwood (right near the corner of Smith Street).

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Spending Ban : Day 5

Today I'm doing something different. Today's pretty purchases are not things I wish to buy, but perhaps things you may wish to buy from me! Yes, that's right... I'm selling some of my 50s style clothing because most of my wardrobe is now too big for me (the only downside to losing weight). But hey, my loss is your gain!

First up we have the gorgeous Bettie Page Clothing 'Bernadette' dress in black/cream, size XL. I'm selling this dress for $120 including free registered post within Australia. Overseas buyers, please contact me through eBay!

Next up is a very 1950s housewife style deep red dress, tagged size 42 to fit AU 14-16, it comes with a pleated collar and neckline, full skirt and waist sash. 99c starting auction on eBay! Score yourself a bargain!

My next item for sale is straight from my mum's wardrobe! It's an 80s does 50s red polkadot wiggle pencil dress! Too cute. Tagged a vintage size 12, which is still fairly true as I'm now a size 12 and it fits like a glove. In fantastic condition, I cannot pick up any faults.

And finally, last but not least, this cute George (UK brand) pale blue full swing skirt with bow detail. Tagged a size 16, but can fit a 14-16. In perfect condition.

Please see the eBay links for descriptions, measurements and your chance to bid or buy! If you'd like to see the rest of my eBay sales (there's a-plenty!) click HERE. Thankyou, and happy shopping!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Spending Ban : Day 4

Temptation is ever-present! The lovely new goodies on the Forever 21 website are tempting me something chronic! I know, if I wait and place my order once my spending ban finishes, it's highly likely that everything will still be in stock. But what if? What it?! Alas, I will probably cave. It's in my nature!

Anyway, today's lust purchase is malt shop novelties!

How I wish malt shops existed today in their former pride and glory. Why, I'd be a regular! I know there are a few in Melbourne... one on Chapel St somewhere if I recall correctly? But alas, Chapel St is so far away from our little country home. One day, one day.

But enough of my lamenting our rural existence... here are some cute malt shop items for you to pine over!

Home Made Apple Pie notecard and envelope (US$3.95) from

Malt Shop Favorites CD from the iTunes Store

Classic straw dispenser from

and for all those Melbourne readers, don't forget the Malt Shop Hop radio program on PBS 106.7FM - Wednesdays 11am til 1pm.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Spending Ban : Day 3

So far, so good! In fact, a little better than good, as OH offered to buy the Vintage Hairstyling book for me for Xmas (see Spending Ban : Day 2 post)! And I got a lovely little email from the lasses at The Darling Sisters' saying it would be in the post today! How I cannot wait for it to arrive, so I can play with my hair!

Today's pretty thing is courtesy of the etsy seller, Porshes Place. Custom made reproduction 1950s frocks, no less! I am tossing up between the two following styles. Style A = Wide shawl collar dress :

Or Style B = Full Skirt Dress with Welt Detail (I'd also get the matching jacket made too) :

Thoughts? I love the fact that Style B can come with a matching jacket for only an extra $35. I'm a fair way off being able to afford one of these dresses, but one can certainly start saving (or make subtle hints to OH!). There are more pressing items which need to be financed at the moment, namely my 1959 FC Holden, which still is not on the road. But... I do have just over $2000 saved up for repairs, and once I hit the $2500 mark, I will take it in to get all the mechanical work done, hopefully in January some time! I can't wait to be able to drive her to work every day.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Spending Ban : Day 2

I survived Day 1 admirably. Which was pretty easy, seeing as I only had $3 to my name... it didn't really leave me with a whole lot of options.

Now, I figured that over the next 14 days, I could post each day about my successes and failures, and more importantly, pretty things I want to buy when my spending ban is over! Which brings me to today's pretty thing:

Book : Vintage Hairstyling

Quote taken from
There are certain classic styles that withstand the test of time. The look of a beautiful hairstyle from 60 or 70 years ago is just as eye catching today as it was then, maybe even more so today. They remind us of a time of elegance and femininity. This book shows how to create so many of those hairstyles. I have revised and revamped the book of worldwide popularity Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step by Step Techniques to be even more informative and fun. This 2nd Edition takes hairstyles from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s and breaks them down into simple, easy-to-follow instructions. It uses over 750 brand new photographs and illustrations and detailed directions in a 200-page full-color book.

The book begins with the basic elements and works its way back to advanced techniques. Chapter one describes the tools and products used throughout. Chapter two offers detailed instructions on creating different curls, including the pin curl, the basis for many vintage hairstyles. Chapter three breaks down the proper way to comb the curls for the effect including creating fingerwaves, Marcel waves, victory rolls, pompadours, and waves from pin curls. The fourth chapter of the book provides step-by-step start-to-finish detailed instructions for 33 different hairstyles created with different hair lengths and textures. The final 2 chapters provide ideas for hair accessories, makeup and nails to finish the look.

Available to Aussie shoppers from The Darling Sisters' Boutique ($55 inc shipping)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

"It starts..."

To quote Timon from the Lion King... My first spending ban in a long, long while has officially begun! After a few weeks of crazy, unabashed spending, I am finally pulling the reins in and ceasing fiscal enjoyment for two entire weeks [plus one day].

Start date : Wednesday 18th November
End date : Thursday 3rd December

The spending ban relates to any spending on the following mediums/items:
- eBay and etsy
- online stores
- vogue sales and group orders
- in-store purchases
- any food or drink not purchased during our weekly grocery shop
- magazines bought while buying fuel
- any other miscellaneous frivolities

I can do it. I must get on top of my growing credit card debt.


On another note, my Ralph Lauren blazer arrived in the mail, and it is gorgeous! The photos definitely do not do it justice. It is almost slightly too big for me, as I stupidly forgot that AU and US sizes are not identical, so my fears of it being slightly too small were totally unwarranted! I may get it taken in professionally, just so it's a bit more fitted around the waist. As promised, here's a pic:

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Rachael + credit card + internet connection = disastrous

Today is payday. I get paid fortnightly. I only have $150 left to last me 2 weeks. Here's what I've bought:

Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer from eBay (bargain, AU$50 inc postage)

Anna Sui spiderweb lace dress ($100 inc postage from a Voguette)

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #18 Red Taboo
Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
($50 inc postage from StrawberryNet)

I'm now waiting on 6 parcels... I think that's enough.

I am planning on digging myself further into debt this arvo, with a quick trip to the shops to look for a pair of nude heels. In fact, I'm off to the shops in 20 mins, yeeha!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Omega, at home on my wrist

Just a quick update. I picked up my glorious watch this afternoon from the jewellers, and the verdict is in. It's an Omega 1969 9ct gold seventeen jewel ladies wrist watch, valued at $1550. I'm very happy, and slightly surprised! I'm sure my grandfather will be interested to find out what year his mother purchased it.

I popped around to their place on Friday to deliver a thankyou card to them, and he proceeded to pull out another two Omegas that he has sitting in the spare room... one he even wears while he's out on the farm. Silly chap!

I am dressed to the nines today - no special reason, I was just playing around with my new clothes (my first F21 order arrived), and fell in love with an outfit:
- red vintage Dior pencil skirt
- F21 lace top
- F21 black jacket, sleeves rolled up to show off the pinstripe lining
- red sequin peeptoe heels
- PAM fang necklace
- vintage Omega watch
- F21 huge flower ring

I'll upload a picture when I get home! HERE IT IS!

EDIT TO ADD: Well, I bought two tickets at random from the office Cup sweeps, and my horses placed first and second! So I won $16 from my original $2. Aaaand, I won best dressed in the office - my prize is a box of Toblerone Minis, which will be regifted for Christmas. Even J won $25 on the Cup from a $2.50 bet! Fantastic day all round!

Monday, 2 November 2009

It's an unstoppable force

Dear dear me. Forgive me, Father, for I have shopped. I blame it on the old movies we've been watching recently, or recent movies set in the 40s. We just watched 'Colditz', a TV miniseries about Allied POWs held in Colditz Castle, and a film called 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas' - both of which were set in the 1940s, and the ladies wore fantastic clothing.

First, we have a 1940s or 50s (I'm thinking 40s) vintage ruffle blouse, and secondly a 1940s navy dress with lace trim.

There are a few more items I have my eye on, but hopefully I am able to restrain myself soon.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Gangsters' Ball

I have been meaning to write something about this. I'm absolutely devastated that our friends organised their hens and bucks party on the same night - I already had my clothes and hairstyle worked out!

The Gangsters' Ball is one big rockabilly, swing, pinup, burlesque rock'n'roll function all rolled into one! Sigh... such a perfect night, why again do I have to go to a "Spring Racing" themed hens party in the other side of Melbourne?

Click here to view the Gangsters' Ball webpage for ticket and location details.

Pics galore

Well, it was my birthday last Saturday. I turned the ripe old age of 25. Gifts abounded, mostly items I'd requested from my parents and relatives, including a lettuce plant and some different herb seedlings, a sandwich press, Thorlo running socks and some Peter Alexander pjs (sailor inspired - too cute!)

The biggest shock was the present that accompanied my lettuce and herb plants, from my lovely grandparents. Pa presented me with his mother's vintage Omega gold bracelet watch! You should have seen J's parents faces when they witnessed my grandparents arrived in their Benz and then hand me an Omega watch! It's absolutely beautiful, and currently in being dated and valued so I can insure it. He's not sure when his mother bought it, but probably either in the 60s or 70s. Will update you all on its value when I find out on Tuesday!

Which brings me onto this week's gems.

Some more 1950s kitchen cannisters to add to my collection - it certainly is growing!

I went to the Belmont Market this morning just for a squizz, and came across a chap selling 1940s and 1950s records, so I grabbed four, and am hoping to frame the record covers for a nice 50s wall. Look closely at the cover of the 'Songs We Remember' slip - some of the ladies don't have noses!

And then I proceeded on to the Mill Markets, a permanent indoor "market" for all things vintage. There I picked up some second-hand Tupperware containers (cheap, only $5 - $10 each!) and.... a vintage Christian Dior skirt suit!

I saw it on the mannequin and thought "never fit me in a million years", but what do you know? Fits like a charm. I'm going to get the shoulder pads removed by a seamstress this week, after I wear it on Tuesday for the Melb Cup at work (we're celebrating by watching the race, and prizes for best dressed).

And finally, one more picture. Of Mary, the little lamb who's now almost fully recovered. And getting fatter by the day.