Thursday, 31 December 2009

Farewell 2009

Well, I have survived Xmas with minimal damage (actually, I haven't gained anything, it seems) and soon it will be the new year! It has been a landmark year, this year, and I'd like to reflect on (read: toot my own horn) some of my achievements!

♥ I worked my first full year of full-time employment! I bet my folks never thought it'd happen.
♥ I lost 15kg! I'm now the lightest I've been since primary school (scary!), but still have a little ways to go.
♥ I took up running, and amazingly stuck at it. I did my first fun run this morning (5km Dawnbusters, finished in 30.14, which smashed my old PB out of the water by over a minute). Here's a pic of me nearing the finish line (it's only small, I apologise):

♥ J and I spent our first full year together... I hope for many, many more to come.
♥ I got out of debt! Well, I still have a car loan to pay off, but no more bad consumer debt!

And now, for some resolutions. Normally I make the same one every year... lose weight. Well, amazingly I actually achieved that this past year, but it's still on the list as I'd like to lose the last few kgs. Here goes:

♥ I will make a fantastic effort to save money for my designated projects (FC rebuild, and for a decent stereo system and window tint for my daily driver).
♥ I will not accrue more debt, and will actually attempt to pay off almost all of my remaining car loan ($8k as it stands today).
♥ I will not shop unnecessarily! One F21 order per month, and seldom other purchases. Any further purchases will require culling right now, and I couldn't bear to part with anything else!
♥ I will continue to run, aiming to complete an 8km or 10km fun run in 2010, and start training for a half-marathon in 2011.
♥ I shall declutter! There is no need for excess "stuff", as J and I have found out... we like our lives simple. No recluttering allowed.
♥ I shall lose these last few kgs. Somewhere between 62 and 65kg is a nice place to stop, so I have 2-5kg to go.
♥ I shall not have chipped nailpolish! (FF, doing you proud here). And overall make a greater effort with my appearance (no more going to work in jeans, Chucks and a tee, no siree!) 2010 will be the Year of the Glam.

I'm going to write these up on pretty paper and stick them to my new corkboard that hangs next to my computer desk. I think they're all very achievable if I keep my eye on the prize.

I wish you all a very joyous New Year. I hope your 2009 was as full of achievements and happiness as mine was, and that your 2010 will be nothing short of great!

♥ Ruby Rach

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hi, my name is Rach, and I'm a Forever 21 addict

Sadly, it is true. So much so, that I have written into my 2010 financial budget an allowance of one F21 order per month. That should keep me happy as I throw all my pennies into my classic car rebuild. Here are some cute vintage inspired items I have bought or are sitting in my shopping cart ready for the January order.

(Alas, blogger gives me two picture size options - darn small, or so-big-its-off-the-page, so you may need to click on the image to view the items without the aid of a magnifying glass. Then again, you may have one lying next to you right now, so feel free to magnify til your heart's content.)

I think the hardest thing will be sticking to the 'one order per month' rule, especially as my shopping cart is nigh full already. I already live by the 'only classic styled items' and 'only items I could wear to work' rules as well, and I steer clear of all trend items as they don't suit my style, or anything else in my wardrobe! I only placed my last F21 order four days ago (it seems like an eternity) so I must hold out until at least after the 10th of January. I'm not making any promises though.

Let the recovering begin

I feel like I need a few days of clean living after Xmas Eve and Xmas Day! Pffffew! Never have I eaten so much. Oh well, the few kilos I've gained should be all gone again by the end of January, so that's not too shabby.

Now, as promised, details of my gorgeous necklace (and other Xmas goodies too). Here we go! First up is my necklace... it took me a fair few shots to get a decent one. Here is the clasp, where I count 18 diamonds and 1 sapphire.

OH gave me a pair of pearl stud earrings for Xmas, which was the absolute perfect gift to accompany the necklace! My watch is thrown in there for good measure (also a gift from my grandfather.... clearly my great-grandmother had great taste (and money!) when it came to jewellery).

And finally a decent close-up of the watch. For those who may not remember, it's a 1969 Omega. I've never worn gold before because I always thought it was too old, or it didn't match my skin tone, but now I think it does perfectly. (That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact the watch is worth more than I could ever afford, could it?)


Now, I actually managed to create my best hairstyle to date on Xmas morning. I was just playing around while OH was playing his PS3, and decided to do some curls and a roll using the techniques the hairdresser had used while fixing my hair for the wedding a few weeks back. First shot sans makeup, but with lots of hairspray.

I did the curls with my GHD, then twisted a few curled strands together to create larger, almost ringlet curls. Then I curled my fringe from front to back, to form the roll. 


Together with my outfit for the day! Wool skirt from etsy, knit top from Target, saddle shoes from eBay, vintage blue crinoline (not shown) from eBay, and jewellery aforementioned.


We spent Xmas lunch with OH's parents and siblings, then dinner with my extended family which was great. We did quite well with the pressies, mainly because I'd been keeping a list since October of things I needed to buy, like a new wok, an omelette maker, salad serving utensils, serving platters and a new cutlery set, all of which we received. Some other standout pressies included:

- the box set of Dylan Moran's live shows (from OH)
- 2010 Elvgren pin-up calendar (picked by me, from my parents)
- satin covered padded coathangers (from OH's parents)
- a gorgeous mirror and black tile candle holder from OH's 10yo brother, which he picked and paid for all by himself!
- a replacement Anna Sui Dolly Girl perfume (my old bottle just ran out, from my parents)

I hope you all had a very merry Xmas full of good food, thoughtful gifts and general merryment. Now, off to recover before NYE!

Some blog posts to come include:
- 1962 Woman's Weekly magazines
- FC Holden update
- fashion purchases

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

Well, twas the night before Christmas, and Ruby was getting ready to dine with her family. I'm just getting ready now, painting my nails (OPI Hearts & Tarts, a gorgeous pearly sheer tint) and chosing an outfit.

Yesterday my grandfather presented me with what I hope is my Xmas pressie (because I sure don't deserve anything else!)... it's a 1960s Mikimoto 18" princess length pearl necklace with diamond and sapphire clasp. It's absolutely to die for! I will take some pictures using my dad's whiz-bang digital camera to share with you. I tried to do some researching on its value but could not find anything like it online. So it's off to the jewellers to be valued after Xmas. This will surely bump my insurance bills up through the roof!

I have many things to post about, but I will save them for the coming days, as I am on holiadys, hurrah! I hope you all have a very merry, very vintage Christmas!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Peek A View

As promised, the best KK present I've ever received! The lovely soul_mama thoughtfully bought me a print of this Elvgren pin-up girl, aptly titled 'Peek A View', from 1940.

It's currently being framed so it can hang proudly on my bedroom wall, but alas, due to Christmas, it wont be ready until mid January. But the wait will be worth it. Alongside this gorgeous print, I also received a bottle of OPI Start To Finish polish, which is an undercoat, topcoat AND nail strengthener, all in one! So much love to the gorgeous soul_mama for her fantastic KK pressie! It's probably going to overshadow all my other Xmas pressies this year (well, maybe apart from my Elvgren 2010 wall calendar!)

Errr... Mills & Boon, anyone?

Now, I must confess. I am NOT a romance novel reader. In fact, I have only ever read one... and it was indeed a Mills & Boon novel that I found in my grandmother's book case one holiday when I was in my early teens. It musn't have made much of an impression on me, as I haven't touched a romance novel since.

But, in a recent trashy magazine, I saw this advertised. The Mills & Boon limited edition 'Vintage Collection', featuring six thrilling romances from the 1950s, complete with the original 50s covers.

I found it in Target this evening at 11.30pm (yay for late night Xmas shopping) for much less than retail (double yay) so I now am set for holiday reading.

Did I mention I'm on holidays as of today? Unfortunately today wasn't much of a holiday, as I had an essay due at midnight, which as of 7am this morning I had not started. I managed to get it done today though, as thankfully I am the Queen of Bullshit.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post - I will reveal the best KK present I've ever recieved!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Why must I be a teenager in love?

I'm rockin' the 50s teen look today, and loving it. My vintage wool skirt finally arrived from etsy yesterday, so clearly my outfit for today was determined. I've teamed it with my F21 cream cardi with black lace detail, a plain white tee, white bobby socks and saddle shoes. Here's a pic!

I'm also wearing my latest vintage crinoline purchase underneath (a few dollars from the Salvos) for some extra volume. The ladies at work commented on my style again today, and asked if I felt like I was born in the wrong decade. My gosh, yes! I've been saying that since I was fifteen years old. I'm just praying for the invention of the time machine. Until then, I can only dream.

Monday, 14 December 2009

It's never easy...

I'm learning first hand what J always says : "when it comes to classic cars, nothing is ever straight forward". And ain't that the truth. My FC savings fund has finally reached an acceptable level, so today I rang up a tyre store to book my car in for a new set of tyres and also to have an original set of front springs put in (suspension) - both things needed to get it roadworthied. I've sourced the springs from a mate who collects old Holdens, so that's taken care of... but the tyres, oh the tyres!

The problem is that the tyre size is obsolete now, because modern car manufacturers aren't making cars with teeny tiny 13" tyres. The lovely chap at the tyre store found me three possibilities, but discovered that the warehouses don't even stock them! Argh! Perhaps I shall have to fashion some wooden wheels for the poor thing.

To refresh your memories, here is the darling FC in question:

I also nearly had a heart attack when I saw Rare Spares are charging around $1400 for a set of replacement rubbers (for door and window seals - another thing needed for a RWC). Oh well, she's worth it!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fifties Films

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before! OH and I absolutely love old sci-fi and horror movies, particularly ones from the 50s (what else would you expect?!). Not only are movies from this era much more interesting than their modern day, overly unbelievable, over-CGIed  equivalents, but the ladies sport amazing style to boot!

Last night we watched 'Revenge of the Creature', which is the sequel to 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon'.

I really struggled finding a decent pic of the female lead, so this will have to suffice. Oh yes, there is plenty of swimsuit action in this film!

I will go on to mention some of the other movies we've watched at a later date, but it got me thinking... I'd love to actually own some of these movies (we'd previously been hiring them from Video Ezy, but we've exhausted their collection now). So I'm off to to purchase these two items: the Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack, and the Sci-Fi Classics 50 Movie Pack. God bless Deep Discount. AU$40 for 100 movies... whichever way you cut it, that's great value! I imagine there will be some absolute shockers amongst them though!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

I love myself a sequin

Well, today is the wedding day of our good friends, L + S. I'm very excited, because I'm getting my hair done (victory rolls and curls hopefully), and I'm wearing my Vivien of Holloway dress I hope. The reason I say that is because I haven't actually picked it up yet, it's at the seamstress being taken in several inches. Kinda annoying that the bill for taking it in is about half the original cost of the dress, but I guess it's worth it. I've actually lost another 1.5kg since the seamstress pinned it in, so I'm hoping it's not too big again already.

Anyway, it's a busy morning. I'm off to the first Farmers Market being held in my town this morning, then into Geelong to pick up my dress, buy a wedding card (gift taken care of already) and get my hair done. Then race home, get dressed and head back into town for the ceremony! Busy, busy day.

As promised, here is a pic of me! 

The dress fitted like a glove, and the hairdresser did a great job on my hair considering she'd never done victory rolls before. I got many a compliment on my style for the day, which was lovely. The father of the bride even told me my hair was mesmerising. I'm not doing a sailor pose on purpose, I was trying to shield the sun from my eyes! I promise!

After such a hectic weekend, I feel like I need a holiday!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My letter box runneth over

I've been down and out with a migraine since Sunday, and today is the first day I've been remotely coherent. And being in such a state has certainly slowed the trickle of pennies from my bank account. I have bought a few things lately though... they are:

- three pack of nude seamed stockings from eBay (seeing as WKD no longer sell the stockings I wear every day)
- a Sushezi machine... basically a sushi maker - for OH for Xmas, as he loves sushi!
- a Playstation 3 controller, again for OH
- and a vintage girdle I forgot I'd placed a BidNip on

I've well and truly overspent on OH now, but I felt like I had to! You see, I bought him lots of little things... and I was worried that it wouldn't look sufficient. So I bought more. Guilty as charged. Who cares, I can afford it. Sorta. Not really. But anyway.

The influx of parcels has started too. I have to keep a list of parcels I'm expecting, otherwise I forgot what I've bought! As of today, it stands at:

- Baggu bags (pretty enviro shopping totes) (received)
- F21 order (a group order I joined in on) (received)
- Butterfly necklaces from etsy
- 1940s trousers from etsy (received)
- 1950s wool skirt from etsy (received)
- Seamed stockings from eBay (received)
- Sushezi from eBay (received)
- PS3 controller (received)
- Flybuys gift card (received)
- vintage girdle from eBay (received)

Not to mention KK presents from Vogue and Calorie King. Thankfully we recently upgraded our letterbox, so it's more than equipped to handle such a barrage of mail!

Other exciting news... I finally managed to move off my plateau! I'd been stuck at 69.1kg for a few weeks now, but since falling ill, I've dropped to 68.0kg, which is officially the lowest weight I've been all my adult life! Three more kilos and I'll be the same weight as I was in Grade 6 (aged 12). Scary stuff.

My size 12 clothes are already starting to become a bit baggy... especially the skinny jeans I live in. Thankfully they were only cheapies from Valleygirl. I think it'll soon be time to return and try a size 10 pair on. The craziness! There's nothing like a bit of ilness-induced weightloss to get the ball rolling again... bless.