Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hey big spender!

Well, that was a very expensive 24 hours. I just checked my bank accounts online and realised I nearly maxed out my credit card, and 24 hours ago it was completely paid off! The culprits?

$90 - valuation fee for Mimikoto pearl necklace
$98 - insurance for my Omega watch and Mikimoto pearl necklace (which was valued at $6,000!)
$460 - cats eye prescription glasses from i-Spex
$190 - lace collar necklace from Tatty Devine
$75 - wireless PS3 headset for J for Valentine's Day

plus the two tops I bought on etsy.... yep, there went my $1000 credit card limit! Shit... She's going to be a tight fortnight with no cash. Oh well, the awesomeness of my new Tatty Devine necklace will make up for it. At £96, it's a wee bit on the extravagent side, but it's been quite a while since I've fallen head over heels for a TD piece.

I had a great day today! Mum came with me on the drive to Melbourne, as I always like a bit of company. We first made a stop-off at Barkly St, Footscray so I could buy some more 蛇胆川贝枇杷膏, which is this awesome cough syrup made from a not-so-awesome animal product. I also bought a 叉烧包, and goddamn it was tasty.

Next off to order my custom made i-Spex cats eye glasses. I was worried that the frames I loved wouldn't be available, as it was over 12 months since I was last in the store. But they were! Buuuuuut.... I ended up falling in love another pair that looked much better on me. They're plain black on the outside with red inside. Don't worry, I'll definitely post a picture when they're ready (two weeks, argh, the agony of being patient!)

I wore my 1940s hand sewn (not by me, haha) navy day dress, vintage girdle and seamed stockings from eBay, and my new Target $20 Mary Janes. I also carried a cream lace parasol while we were out in the sun... got a few looks but that's fine by me!

After visiting i-Spex, we headed to Vicious Venus just for a look-see. I ended up trying on the Bettie Page Clothing Captain dress in navy - you know, the one that's impossible to find because some teeny bopper TV show character wore it? This one:


And damn... it's a beautiful dress on. So beautiful. But, Vicious Venus is very overpriced; they were charging $330 for it, but I found it on eBay for $150 including shipping. So guess what I'm buying once I find some money to put on my credit card!

Next stop was Circa Vintage on Gertrude St, where I tried on two 1950s wiggle dresses, and while they were lovely, they were just not worth the same pennies as the Bettie Page dress. So I left them, and had a wonderful chat to the SA about fully fashioned nylon stockings. Probably a good thing I didn't attempt to buy them, because it would have been mighty embarrassing having my credit card declined for reaching its limit!

Now I'm back at home, resting my weary toes (damn new shoes) and cooling off (damn Australian summer). J is playing with his new PS3 bluetooth headset, and I'm about to cook dinner. Well, defrost dinner. The joys of doing all your cooking once a week. Cheerio ladies, and heed this as a warning: keep those credit cards in check!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Runaround Sue

Ahh it's the weekend again. Hurrah. For some reason, having Monday and Tuesday off to celebrate Australia Day (and the great Aussie extra-long weekend) made it that much harder to survive Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday at work! Who cares now though, I made it.

But not without some financial side effects. I spent this morning searching etsy for some 40s and 50s style blouses, because all this wardrobe culling has shown me what is lacking. And that is blouses. I have a million skirts, but hardly any tops to mix and match with. So that's what I bought:

Not the best pictures, but they were both cheap thrills (US$29 and $15 respectively). My inspiration at the moment is Solanah at Vixen Vintage, particularly this picture, which is just too cute for words. I love the huge collar on her blouse (plus I yearn for her porcelain skin):


In fact, that picture has inspired me so much, that I'm actually driving to Melbourne bright and early tomorrow to finally place my order for custom-made reading glasses from i-Spex on Johnston St, Collingwood.  I had to get my arse into gear and pick up my prescription from OPSM (where I had my eyes tested last year) today, amongst other things. I promise to wear a rocking outfit, and to blog about my experience. I also want to check out Circa Vintage, and wear my new $20 black Mary Jane pumps that I bought today from Target (what a steal!)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

How utterly perfect?

I must admit. I am guilty of perusing etsy in search for gorgeous 1950s dresses that could double as a wedding dress. Ahead of myself much? Yes. But who can blame me for wanting a 50s themed bash?

Anyhoo, I came across this stunning dress in thefrillofit's store. I want, I want, I want! Slight problem though - I'd need to lose a couple more inches from my bust and waist. Maybe one day, but not right now.

Such a pity that almost all of the vintage frocks floating around are small sizes. I would have hated to be my size (12) back in the 50s... that would have equated to a size 18! How depressing.

I have a few things coming up that will require a nice frock. Queenscliff Hot Rod Run on February 7th, Holden Day on March 6th (which we may or may not make it to, yet again) and D + C's wedding, which is not until April 2011, but I'm onto dress-shopping already - I want an absolute knockout dress for that event. Perhaps something from Timeless Vixen Vintage is in order?


Speaking of wedding frocks, I cannot stop looking at this picture. I shouldn't even be looking, but I just absolutely adore this dress. It's actually a cheapy, made by Duosheng in China (seriously, $300-$500 for their 'best quality' made to measure gowns - did I mention I'll be a budget bride too?). I never thought I'd like a regular wedding gown, and this is the first one I've actually liked. I can tell that when the time comes, it will be a very difficult decision to make... vintage 50s gown, or this Duosheng gown?

Friday, 22 January 2010

Your vote is needed!

I'm trying to decide on custom number plates for the FC. And I'm having trouble deciding. I've always thought BBCHEV (baby chev) would be great, because the FC is very closely modelled off the 1955 Chevy Belair, it's just much smaller (thus 'baby')! But would be too confusing or silly-sounded to the everyday man (or woman)? Need to replace the E with a 3 because the combo is taken:

Then there is always the generic model and year plate, FC1959, but that particular combo is taken, so the number 5 would be replaced with the letter S:

Orrrr... right now on eBay there's a set of HFC-059 plates up for sale (Holden FC - 059) for $380. It's a cool combo, but I think BBCH3V is better, and a bit more original.

What do you think? Would you 'get' BBCH3V? Is BB = baby decipherable? Does the S look silly replacing a number 5? Place your vote!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

And the winner for the most outrageous repair quote goes to....

... an unnamed panel beater in Geelong who wanted to charge me $9,000 to fix the rust on the FC. And that's not all the rust, just the structural rust (it has surface rust too, but that's not important for the RWC).

$9,000! $6,000 of that was labour alone! Then $1,500 for pre-fabricated parts from Rare Spares (fair enough) and another $1,500 to fabricate the rear quarter sections, which aren't available through Rare Spares.

What a jip! I showed the quote to J, who is a boiler maker by trade, and he said "stuff it, you buy the panels from Rare Spares and I'll do the labour for $1,000". Which is a pretty damned good deal. I've still taken the FC to another panel beater today to get a quote, but I'm guessing it'll be huge as well. J doing the work seems like the way to go, saving me about $7,000!

I just have to be patient and wait for my parents to complete the extension on their shed, which is happening over the next two months. Enough time to save up for the Rare Spares pre-fab panels, new moulded carpet (might as well replace the carpet at the same time, seeing as we have to rip up the old stuff to get to the rusted floor panels), and pearlised steering wheel!

Pearlcraft are a specialised company who restore steering wheels, applying a pearl finish to return them to their former glory! It's fairly expensive ($700+ when I asked for a quote over 12 months ago), but it's something that has to happen because my steering wheel is cracked, and thus not roadworthy!

Here are some pictures of their work. The car is an FC too, and almost exactly the same as mine (mine has a blue boot instead of cream, and no spats or venetians yet). I want my steering wheel in the same colours as this one (John Allan's of S.A., photos from Pearlcraft):



And for all you bloggers who may take an interest, Pearlcraft have a blog too.

Monday, 18 January 2010

I want me a Pee Wee 80

To top off a chocker-block weekend, J and I took his 10 year old brother T to the movies to see 3D Avatar (the second viewing for us) on Saturday evening. T then stayed at our place, and spent most of Sunday playing with Ace (our gorgeous puppy dog), the Playstation 3, and riding around the paddocks on his little Yamaha Pee Wee 80.

J was adamant that I should give it a go, but I was a bit unsure because the last time I rode a bike, it was 20 years ago on my Pee Wee 50, which I crashed into a fence because I was trying to avoid hitting our little Fox Terrier dog, Snoopy. Funnily enough, I also crashed our paddock bomb (a 1967 Toyota Corolla) into a fence about 10 years later while trying to feed Snoopy an M+M... Clearly dog + Rach + vehicle + fence = accident waiting to happen.

Aaaaaanyway, I finally got on after much coaxing from J (and much nervous giggling from me). And what do you know? I freaking loved it! I tootled around the paddock with Ace chasing me, and I even got into second gear! (It has three gears, but I was too scared to go fast enough for third, especially in paddocks full of ruts, stones and massive cow pats). Here's a picture of me - note the stylish bobble head effect caused by my open-face helmet (that's what I wear when riding pillion with J):

Now I want one! Probably something a bit bigger than a Pee Wee 80 though, because J assures me that the 80 was made for 10 year olds, not 25 year olds. Once I get the FC resto nearly complete, I might start looking for one. I just can't justify spending $1.5-2k on a toy just right now.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Colac Car Show 2010

Today J and I headed inland to Colac for the annual Colac Car Show. Not specifically a rod show or anything, just a great mix of modern and classic cars. Our friend, D, has an absolutely ripper car which he was showing today. Here it is:

The car's name is GUZZLN, aptly named because it guzzles fuel. It's a HX Holden with a 350 V8. D is a panel beater, and his work is first rate, thus why the body is so damn straight and neat. And most of all, it goes like the wind. It's putting out about 350HP at the moment. I think GUZZLN owes him about $40k already. Most girls may not understand the love a man (or woman) can have for a car.

Here is D's dad's car, P. They like to keep it in the family. His is a Holden Brougham (can't remember which year):

Other highlights include this 60s Falcon taxi, tough two-tone wagon, and the cream and red piped interior of a 1957 Chevy Belair (apologies for my reflection in the car window... I'm wearing a Chinese Star Wars tee).

I even found an FC, the same as mine, just different colours! It was looking a lot healthier than my old baby is, but I was very happy to see it in original style (some people fuck with them and put in modern bucket seats and massive CD players... it just takes away the style and charm of the old cars, not to mention lowers the price drastically).

I also spotted this 1948 AJS motorbike, and took a photo for evidence. Why, you ask? Because my dad has this exact same bike, albeit in much worse condition. sitting in his shed, waiting patiently for restoration. Which, if you know my dad, will never happen. Fingers crossed this photo will prove to him what a gem he's sitting on, encouraging him to hopefully sell it my J and myself so we can restore it. It'd be worth $10k+ in this condition:

And here is J, strolling the streets. How I wish he'd stop wearing brown. Black hat, brown tee and shoes, blue jeans... urgh, what a combination:


Now, I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again. Pay attention.

Ladies, the term 'vintage' does not work the same way with cars as it does with clothing. I've seen and heard a few people refer to classic cars as 'vintage', and it drives me up the wall because they're so wrong!

Vintage cars are usually pre-1930, and look something like this (and this is about as "modern" as you get with vintage cars):

Classic cars are generally post-1930 (up until mid-70s, in my opinion). Here's a very well-known example (kudos to the first person who can correctly identify this make, model and year):

Ahh, feels good to get that off my chest!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Random things I've been thinking/seeing/doing/reading lately:

1. Decluttering and culling.

It hasn't been said yet, but I am a massive fan of a fellow Voguette's sass and style, and she would be Faux Fuschia. She was the creator of the two best threads on Vogue - 'Hoarding and Clutter in your Home', and 'Being Thrifty with Cooking and Entertaining', as well as a stunning blog (link). Both are actually the entire reason why I still frequent Vogue, and the reason why I'm so passionate about decluttering.

I guess it comes with the territory of having a teensy-tiny house with bugger-all storage space. Decluttering is certainly addictive, and I will be dedicated to it 110% for the entirety of 2010.

2. Thrift.

As aforementioned, Thrift is key for 2010. I struggled my way out of major credit card debt in 2009, and I'm thankful that is all taken care of. 2010, my focus is on saving for several objectives (FC resto, VT sound system and window tint, and housey things like a new BBQ, outdoor dining setting etc).

I live by an extreme budget. I live for every second Thursday when I get paid, allowing me to go to the Bank and withdraw my fortnightly expenses to distribute between neatly labelled envelopes. And thankfully, the urge to shop has left me once again; even Forever 21's charms are not strong enough!

3. Health

Some of you may be aware that in the second half of 2009, I lost 15kg. All well and good. Then Xmas hit. Since the start of December, I have been really struggling with lack of motivation and willpower. Thankfully it hasn't resulted in any weight gain, but I have been feeling worse for wear.

I am hopefully back on track now, but the proof isn't until I manage an entire week/fortnight/month slipup-free. This morning I did my longest run yet - 50 mins. My legs refuse to work now. I am also doing the 30 Day Shred DVD in an effort to improve my strength and endurance. The biggest hurdle will be steering clear of temptation, particularly at home in the evenings. Another great reason why decluttering and culling are useful - they keep you occupied!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mondayitis + 46°C = Death

I hope you're all keeping cooler than I am. Is it just me, or is 46°C not even a real temperature? It's one of those stupid, never gonna happen, unbelievable numbers that my brain just refuses to comprehend.

Until you step outside and it feels like you're standing in front of a mammoth hair dryer on its hottest setting. So what's a girl to do? Can't go to the beach because it's too far away / too packed / too hot. So I'll just dream about the beach!

Back in the day when beachwear was stylish. I wish chaps would wear the 50s style bathing suits again... they look so great. But not everything from the 50s was great - no sunscreen, anyone? You'd have to be stupid.

Keep cool, kiddies!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Geelong's very own rock'n'roll festival!

How is everyone coping with the new year? As of today, I am back at work. It'll be good to get into a nice rhythm again. I tell you though, the 5am wake-up call to go for a run never gets easier, especially after two weeks of sleep-ins.

Seeing as all my pennies are being thrown the FC's way, I need cheap thrills. And shopping doesn't count. Thankfully for all you Geelong readers (big stretch, I know, but there might be one), the Geelong Jukebox Rockers annual rock'n'roll festival is on this coming weekend!

January 8 to 10, it incorporates two dances with r'n'r bands, show and shine for your precious car, along with stalls selling related merch (last year there was even a Vivien of Holloway stall) and food! Entry is a measly $10 for adults, so I'm thinking J and his friend C may be required to accompany me.