Sunday, 28 February 2010

Get My Gun

The one downside of being more productive and engaged at work is not blogging so frequently! I finally took some pictures of my frames, and my new hair! I enlisted the help of my friend, C, to add some red to my hair because all black was getting a tad boring. So I now have a red fringe. We're going to try and go brighter, it'll just take a while. I even managed some semi-decent victory rolls today... they're just bobby-pinned to the hilt (damn clean, shiny hair). You can still see some of the hair dye on my scalp, it's that fresh.

I'm currently at my parents house for a Sunday roast. And I drove the FC (naughty, seeing as it's not registered) so I could wash it... Tuesday I'm taking it into a mechanic to get a roadworthy check, so my Dad and I have a better idea of what's needed to get it registered. Dad and I will do what we can (Dad will do the work, I'll provide the finances), then it'll go back to the mechanic to complete the rest. Fingers crossed, it might be on the road by the middle of the year! Perfect timing, so my tax return can pay for the rego and insurance.

Now, even more exciting news... I finally bought the Bettie Page Captain dress! On eBay, for AU$147 inc postage. Sure beats the $330 that Vicious Venus were charging.

I also bought a CD from the States... Gizzelle's "Devil or Angel". I first heard Gizzelle on PBS radio... she's rockabilly through and through, and I absolutely love her song 'Get My Gun', which uses the Bo Diddley beat (something I'm obsessed about). I've added it to my player, so scroll through the songs until you find it! Such a funky song... (also added a new Platters song - My Prayer... I want this song as my first dance at my wedding).

Monday, 22 February 2010

Cats Eyes | Teramaze | Weekend

Wow, yet another busy week for me last week. I spent a few days at different campuses with my awesome supervisor, K. She puts the 'super' in 'supervisor!

Luckily, we were at the Melbourne campus when I got the call saying my specs were finally ready to collect! So I trekked out to Collingwood, wishing I had checked the weather before leaving home (was wearing jeans and thermals to combat the office air-conditioning, which was highly unsuitable for the 35° weather.) I picked up my specs and headed home after what turned out to be an extremely long day at the 'office'... 12 hours, that's a record for me!

Now I just need to take some pictures of said glasses. They're ripper. They're beaut. They're all sorts of Aussie slang. They're black and red, which is the second best colour combos known to man (after navy, red and white). And most importantly, they're so comfortable! Unlike my previous glasses that left horrible marks on my nose and gave me a huge tension headache whenever I wore them. Pics to come soon.

As for the rest of the weekend? I did bugger all. I drank lots of bourbon, watched a lot of TV under the air-con, and sweated a lot at the Teramaze gig at the Nash in Geelong. Great band, Teramaze. Can't wait for their album to be released (whenever the hell that'll be... they've had lots of setbacks). You can check them out here. Warning: They're metal. Just in case you're not that way inclined.

Pics! Not mine though... they're from the Roger Henley website, which is the company that made my frames. I didn't realise they made so many frames, in so many different colour combinations! As they're completely customisable, they didn't have a pic of my exact frames, but this is the model:


And the acetate tile I chose for the arms. Mine are black rims, red arms with the black/red pattern on the inside. I just tried taking some pics on my iPhone, but they really need a flash to show up the colours.


Seriously, if you're after a pair of funky specs (not just cats eyes), check out the Roger Henley website - sooooo many different styles! Check out the acetate frames and combination frames pages.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Boring little update

How slack have I been? Not an update in a week. I have been flat chat actually, attended the VALA2010 conference last week, then spent the weekend sick. Back at work yesterday and I have work coming out of my ears! Plus study to do for this sememster... I have to get on top of it now, and stay on top, because it's going to be a killer... 4000 word essays and exams! Argh!

I don't really have much to update on. Work is awesome because I've rotated positions and am now working in Web Development, and my supervisor rocks. I'm also doing really interesting stuff, learning HTML and making Camtasia videos.

Home is awesome too... We had a little scare with Mary (the sheep) who became flyblown, but she's on the mend now. I felt so bad for not spotting the flies earlier, so I bought her a new bag of lamb feed pellets... which I think she may be addicted to, because all she does when she spots us is bleat constantly. I like to translate her bleating as "pelletttttsssss, give me more pelletttttsssss!"

Poppy is still a little psycho. We're trying to teach her simple comands, but it's slow going.

The FC is back! She had rust removal done on the floor pan, K-frame and rear quarters, but you can't see it unless you're underneath the car. The blokes at Geelong Panel Beating Works were awesome, so I might get a quote from them when it comes time to repaint the whole car. Now I just need to save up some more pennies for the mechanical side of things. Joy, joy.

I am on Twitter! And I have an iPhone! Two things to come out of the VALA conference. You can follow me on Twitter here. Not very interesting... lots of library stuff actually! But it seems like a great platform to network with fellow librarians (what a geek I am).

I caved and am wearing pants to work again. It's just so much easier! Especially after my sickly weekend, I feel like I need some warmth and comfort at my desk.

I am obsessed right now with the song 'Notorious' by Duran Duran. Thanks Donnie Darko (great movie).

And finally, J and my relationship is going great guns. We recently worked out an issue that's been hanging over our heads for the entirety of our relationship, and now everything is perfect ♥♥♥ awwww....

Hmm, I think that's all folks!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Well, what a wonderful weekend I had! I picked up our new puppy on Friday, who is a little terror. Saturday J and I went car stereo shopping, and came home with a ripper Kicker system for under $1k. J then spent most of the arvo and evening installing it, and now my car sounds wicked.

And then Sunday we went to the Queenscliff Rod Run. And I had to wear jeans :( J had his heart set on taking his bike down there, so safety first! The traffic was absolutely shocking (all because some traffic muppets forgot to remove the 'road closed' signs from the previous day), so we ended up taking the loooooong way to Queenscliff, via Drysdale, Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards, Swan Bay and Pt Lonsdale. I took some photos from the back of the bike:

(the queue of traffic that we then overtook - one of the joys of riding a bike is overtaking everyone on the gravel!) 

And this is an image of his bike, just so you know what I'm talking about:

And then the cars... every year I cannot believe how many people turn out for this event, and this year was definitely bigger than last!

(note the Pearlcraft steering wheel - I'll have one of those soon!)


(People and cars, as far as the eye can see)

(How gangster is that!)

We then managed to take the long way home too, to avoid all the traffic heading straight back through Geelong. So we saw Pt Londsale, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Connewarre, then Grovedale before taking the bypass home. We rode over 160kms, which my behind really felt! Then a few sneaky siestas on the couch, fish and chips for tea, and here we are, back at Monday.

Today's outfit - what I was going to wear yesterday but couldn't due to aforementioned bike riding:

Red blouse from etsy
Vintage tartan pencil skirt (needs to be taken in again)
WKD seamed tulle stockings
Target Mary Janes

Friday, 5 February 2010

Updates. New Puppy? Ambient Tunes. Sexy Rickman. Rodding.

Some quick updates.

February 5th and not a pair of pants in sight. Two outfits I've rocked:

Rock Steady dress
Forever 21 'Twist' cherry cardigan
What Katie Did seamed tulle stockings
Target ballet flats
Wicked Minky (etsy) swallow earrings

Vivien of Holloway dress (and two petticoats underneath!)
I'm wearing this outfit now with a F21 cropped cream cardi.

And for some exciting news... this is the puppy we're hopefully getting today! Her name is Poppy, and she's a 4 month old Border Collie x Blue Heeler. She's not getting along with her Spaniel roommate, so we're hopefully taking her in. I'm meeting her today at midday after work!

One thing you may not know about me (unless you knew me from Canberra), and that is I love ambient-chill music. Ursula 1000, St. Germain, Gotan Project, Hostel Costes... all fantastic. I think it stems from all those hours I spent at Hippo in Canberra, sipping Frisky Sour cocktails and feeling generally on top of the world.

One of my favourite songs is Gotan Project's 'Diferente'. The clip is incredibly sexy... I wish I could dance like that!

P.S. I can't stop watching the Alan Rickman 'Be My Valentine' clip. Deadly.

P.P.S. This Sunday is the Queenscliff Rod Run. Princess Park, Queenscliff. Gold coin donation for entry. Be there!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I diverge

Today we take a break from our usual programming to bring you this.


I must confess. I have loved Alan Rickman since I saw the Harry Potter film in 2002. I loved him so much as Snape, I had two A4 photos of Snape framed, and I also own a Snape figurine. Today, instead of working as I should have, I've been looking up videos on YouTube of him. Here are two of my favourites:

Now I need a cold shower.

Edit to add: The first film appears to show a sex scene as the preview! What luck! Also, apologies for the bad songs... just block it out and concentrate on the sexiness on screen.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What do you do when you're strapped for cash?

Sell some clothes, that's what! All these pretty little items are available on eBay, and here is a link to my selling profile just for good luck.

Postage is free on all my items, and if you're the winning buyer, contact me before making payment, mentioning my blog, and you will receive $5 off!

Monday, 1 February 2010

February... the month of bans

Well, after my frivolous weekend (Saturday, mainly) I've decided three things.

1) February will be a month of total and extreme shopping bans, and
2) I will not wear jeans for the entire month, and
3) I will throw away one thing a day.

Having come to a standstill with my decluttering and culling efforts, I need some more motivation. So I figure one item a day to cull is a great start. Not everything will be going in the trash though, I'm hoping to find more items to donate to charity.

As for the no jean rule, I have been quite slack lately and wearing jeans to work some days because it's just easier. I just about have enough dresses and skirts to see me through the entire month without having to wear the same item twice. So, to start off the month is this 1960s style polkadot shift dress from Target of all places.

I'm also wearing my old Zara cardi, vintage cardi chain from eBay, vintage Mikimoto pearl necklace ($$$!) and Omega watch, girdle and seamed stockings from eBay. The heels are the most comfy pair of peeptoe suede goodness ever to be made (and they were cheapies from F21 to boot!) Also, check out my ripper knee strapping - I have what my physio described as the worst ITB syndrome he's ever seen. Fantastic. Just what I needed.