Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Go team!

Well, my 1950s school sweater arrived yesterday, and I love it! It's so warm and wooly, I'm just praying it stays cool today so I don't feel uncomfortably toasty!

I am yet to find a new photo spot in the house, so today it's at work. That's not my desk in the background... mine is much, much tidier.

Over the weekend (after a tipple or two... this is becoming a habit), I purchased a gorgeous 30s/40s satin nightgown from etsy. This is to wear with my 40s dressing gown I purchased from etsy last month, which J absolutely loves. I figure I can slink around wearing it while we're holidaying at the old farmstead over ANZAC weekend. Here's a pic. I wish people would iron before taking photos!

But first things first... I cannot wait until Thursday! We're definitely heading to the bush block, most likely for Friday and Saturday nights. I'd prefer it this way, so I can then have Monday and Tuesday at home to relax (and to wash all the clothes that come home smelling smokey from the bonfire!)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Jersey Boys

Well, I am glad to report that I'm feeling much better at the moment. So much so that I think I can manage a weekend of camping at J's parents bush block this coming weekend - hallelujah for a five day weekend! I must get cracking on my assignments though, as they're due the same weekend we head to the country for ANZAC Day. I will never learn from past mistakes though, so no doubt they'll be a rush job in the few days before they're due.

Now, yesterday, I was lucky enough to see the Jersey Boys show in Melbourne... for free! No idea how, but one of mum and dad's friends managed to score 4 free tickets and free bus travel to and from Melbourne, so we pounced on the offer!

I didn't really have any expectations going in - the last musical I saw was Chicago back in 2002, I think... it's been so long I can't remember exactly. I do love the music of the Four Seasons, but I can be quite picky when it comes to other artists covering songs - I (almost) always prefer the original artist.

Thankfully, the show was just amazing. And educational! I had no clue about the story behind the Four Seasons, and really, it reads like a movie script - full of violence, betrayal, loan sharks and swearing (oh, the swearing!) I think the highlights for me were the costumes (some great late 50s dresses) and the songs "Beggin" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

The show is only on for a few more weeks, so if you're interested, I highly recommend seeing it!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A grumpy, whingey post

Well, I'm crook. And not the good kind of crook that goes away after a few days of coughing and spluttering. I've got the kind of crook that requires surgery to fix. Plus, it has to be one of the most embarrassing afflictions to discuss, it leaves me open to all sorts of crude jokes, and I'm in pain 24/7 but can't take anything stronger than Panadol. Worked out what it is yet?

(from Getty Images)

Anyway, I'm miserable because the one specialist surgeon in Geelong has gone on holidays until after Easter, so I have to be patient and wait two weeks to have my initial consultation with him. I'm just praying it isn't a further two weeks wait for the surgery.

So this means our planned Easter away at the bush block is canceled. If I'm not well by ANZAC Day, I'm going to be devastated, as this will mean canceling our trip to the glorious 1860s farmstead in the country.

Something tells me it's going to be the longest two weeks of my life.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The Dress

I am wearing the Bettie Page Captain dress today. At work. Yes, I may be a little overdressed, but I figure the dress is too good to keep unworn in the wardrobe for thirteen months until the wedding rolls around. So I am going to try and wear it as much as possible, just as long as my friends won't see me!

Sans belt today... not sure why. Also, my red sequined peeptoe heels with bows... I couldn't live without them.

I have also come to the conclusion that 1) I need a better digi cam, 2) I need a better spot to take my pics (so the mirror + flash combo doesn't throw up weird light patches), and 3) that I need to put in some more effort when taking pics, namely with hair and makeup. I'm just in one of those can't be stuffed phases at the moment. Oh well... enjoy your weekend folks!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Splurge of the Day

Well, I couldn't help myself when I found this cute 1950s school sweater on Vintage Trends... I had to buy it!

It's so sweet! I can't wait to wear it with pencil skirts, saddle shoes and high, high ponytails with ribbons! It was a bit of a splurge though... US$112. Here's praying that the conversion rate is generous at the moment!

Also, my vintage silver reading glasses chain arrived from etsy - I'm wearing them now with my cats eye glasses... love them! I'm also wearing my skirt suit (pics to come tonight), seamed stockings, and my Mikimoto pearl necklace and earrings. Which is lucky, as I have been invited to attend a School of Medicine curriculum meeting later today - so thankfully I am dressed to impress!

Quick pic update: One is the vintage satin dressing gown I purchased on etsy, which arrived in record time (5 days from date of purchase!), the other is my 1950s skirt suit... but my camera is really dodgy :( I will try and take a better picture over the weekend, to show up the detailing! But this will tide you over, right?

P.S. Pardon the dust spots!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Catching up

I finally got my Elvgren print back from the framer - remember this? It was my KK pressie from Vogue! I took it to the framers before Xmas, then my money managed to keep disappearing each payday. Finally got my arse into gear, and now it's taking pride and place in our living room. Not the best photo, unfortunately... I'm still working with a dodgy camera.

Now... Holden Day. I've only included two pictures, as the other ones didn't turn out so great. And guess what? They're both of FCs. (Lord, don't get me started on my FC... we're taking the panelbeater to court, argh!)

Last night I arrived home to find these sitting on the kitchen table! It's not as random as you might think though... last week while watching a girly flick, J asked why men give flowers in movies for no apparent reason, to which I replied that random flowers are the greatest. So here they are... my (not so) random flowers:

And finally... a dress I bought on eBay arrived from the States yesterday (it was the drunken eBay purchase from a couple of week ago). And it fits perfectly! I'm wearing it today - I always must wear a new purchase as soon as it arrives (except for the Captain dress... I'm saving that for a 2011 April wedding!). Apologies for the somewhat red face, I'd just been for a run!

Now... back to work! Tonight J and I are off to the big smoke to see Grinspoon play at the Hifi Bar. Should be good, but I'm not looking forward to driving to Melbourne and back, not to mention how tired we'll most likely be feeling tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Accommodation news!

I thought I'd take some time out (from working, shhh) to update my blog, seeing as it's been neglected somewhat of late. So I'll share some exciting tidbits with you!

My vintage suit and Bettie Page Captain dress arrived from eBay! I really must take photos, they're both absolutely gorgeous. I just need to get off my arse, really. But hey, you all know I'm lazy when it comes to taking photos!

J's parents called up randomly the other night and asked if we'd be interested in spending ANZAC weekend with the family at a farmhouse near Castlemaine. I thought, why the hell not? So we're spending two nights in a gorgeous 1860s bluestone farmhouse, complete with original antique furniture, claw foot baths, a powder room and beautiful gardens! Want some pics?

Doesn't it look divine? The property actually has two cottages and a farmhouse, allowing up to 26 people to stay, and I think J's family will manage to fill that! (I've already sussed out that most bedrooms contain one queen bed, hallelujah). Don't you worry girls, I'm already planning my outfits for that weekend, and rest assured there will be plenty of photos!


More accommodation news. We're spending Easter weekend at J's parents bush block up near Rokewood. It's just a tin shack on a hilly bush block that is bounded on most sides by a river. No power. No running water (oh yes, going to the bathroom behind a tree). Simplicity at its best. All there is to do is listen to old music and drink. Can't wait! The only picture I could find of the block. It may be hard to see, but there is a footy stuck up a tree, and the boys are trying to knock it down with some drainpipe. Note the serenity:


And finally, the last piece of accommodation news! J and I will be celebrating a yearly anniversary in May. So I spent a few days trawling stayz.com.au for a nice beach-side house to rent for the weekend. And I found it! It's a two storey little place in Wye River. Again, can't wait! This is it:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I'm so happy!

I'm so happy! No reason really. Well, yes, actually there's a reason. Everything is just peachy keen, jellybean. I am in that I'm-so-in-love-I-couldn't-be-any-more-in-love-no-wait-yes-it's-possible-I'm-more-in-love phase. Awww (apologies to the single and maybe not-so-loving it ladies out there). J disappeared for the long weekend to Wilsons Prom with all our friends, and he said some very lovely, tear-envoking words when we were reunited last night. The 'f' word was dropped. (And no, not the curse word.)

All Holden Day photos are on my camera at home (writing this at work, tisk tisk) but I will upload them soon. There weren't as many FCs and I'd hoped, and I wasn't really interested in the modern cars. I was feeling a bit ill after Friday night's shenanigans, so we didn't stay long.

The hens night was good too - I didn't end up going out afterwards as I was so tired from aforementioned shenanigans, and I didn't have any way of getting home other than driving myself. We had a great time though, and thankfully it was quite sedate and low on the tacky-ometer.

And yesterday I received my Bettie Page Captain dress in the mail from eBay! Hurrah. I quickly tried it on, and it's f-a-n-tastic, I just need to try it on when my face and hair is in a co-operating mood so I can take pictures for you all!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Once in a blue moon post

I have the entire weekend to myself! J has gone off with our friends for a long weekend away at Wilsons Prom, but I have to work on Monday so I had to stay home. So, instead, I went to my folks for tea, and drank an entire bottle of champagne, plus some bourbon. Had a great chat to my folks, then mum drove me home (bless her).

Now I'm at home drinking more bourbon (probably a bad choice), and watching American Graffiti as loud as the TV goes (always a good choice). People, if you have never seen American Graffiti, and call yourself a vintage lover, well, you've never really lived. It's my favourite movie of all time. Go on, hire it from the video store, or buy it.

Tomorrow is All Holden Day in Geelong, and I've talked my mum into going with me. We'll take plenty of photos and I'll dress up, I promise. Then tomorrow night is my hens party (well, not mine, a friend from works) and I have my outfit already worked out, which is rocking. Will post pictures!

Anyway, in the interim, I bought two things on eBay/etsy (each for less than $10):

 1) Vintage white lace collar

2) Vintage eyeglasses chain (to wear on my cats eye glasses)

Living the librarian dream.... you know you're dressing too old when fellow librarians tell you they love your sense of style!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Working 9 til 5 (or 8.30 til 4.30 in my case)

Well, ladies and gentlemen... when it rains, it pours! We're talking about my spending habits, folks. I succumbed and bought the Bettie Page Captain dress last week, then within a matter of hours also purchased the Gizzelle CD and a 1950s skirt suit! All on eBay, bless its cotton socks.

I've been hunting for a skirt suit for a long while now, but my measurements are hard to please (I really need to lose 2" off just my waist and I'd have no troubles). But finally I found one, and it's gorgeous! No pics yet, because they didn't do it justice (seriously, who lists something on eBay and doesn't bother ironing it when it's astronomically creased?) But hey, it probably meant a cheaper end price for me! Plus the seller was very friendly and complimented me on my taste in clothes, which is an added bonus!

(This isn't the actual suit... just a pretty picture from fashion-era)

Little Miss FC is at the mechanics today getting a roadworthy inspection. The mechanic asked me if I was getting a RWC in order to sell it, but I said hell no, it'll be my daily driver! (Mechanics are known to be super strict when giving a RWC for cars about to be sold... but a bit more lax for people trying to get the car on the road). Fingers crossed there's nothing new on that list.

For the occasion, I wore my grey and blue check wool skirt, vintage pale blue crinoline underneath, a Forever 21 cream cropped cardi, my new fancy specs and bobby socks + saddle shoes! Loving it... Will be loving it even more at 4:30pm when I get to pick up my baby and drive home with the wind in my hair!

And finally, I had a lovely Sunday arvo - full of American Graffiti, Happy Days, pink champagne and cleaning my car! (Yes, my keyring for the FC's keys is a little miniature FC! Wrong colour though.)