Thursday, 5 January 2012

Antique Fair swagger

Before we went on holidays (and that reminds me, I still need to do a holiday photo post), I went to the local Antique Fair in town. It was a fateful day that can best be described using dot points (so as not to bore you):

♥ I drove the FC to get fuel, before hitting up a local church fĂȘte for some home-made sponge cake and tomato sauce.

♥ But... the FC broke down at the service station. A lovely young chap helped me push her away from the bowsers and into a parking spot.

♥ While pushing the FC, I lost a very integral button on my 1960s tunic dress :(

♥ I messaged my dad and said "Guess what? The old girl has done it again", then trundled off to the Antique Fair instead (thank gosh it's a small town)

♥ I snapped up the below items before my dad arrived to look at the beast.

♥ He thought the starter motor had blown, so I left the FC in his capable hands, then stole Mum's car and went to get my sponge cake and tomato sauce.

♥ But there was only fruit cake left (yuck!), so I came away with just two bottles of sauce.

♥ Dad and my brother had to tow-start the poor FC down the main street of town, which was quite a spectacle.

♥ The new starter motor cost me over $150, which balances out the $20 I spent buying the 3 canisters, some baby items (don't read too much into it) and two bottles of sauce.

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