Thursday, 29 December 2011

Short but sweet

[Are you all Xmas-ed out? I'm a bit of a humbug this time of year, so there'll be no Xmas posts from me.]

What a productive day! As well as doing a whole lotta work today, I also managed to confirm our wedding date, our venue and accommodation (thankfully in the one spot), and our photographer.

Our photographer was a no-brainer... she's the sister of one of our best mates, and her work is amazing. Plus, she is super crafty... she made the handbag I'm sporting too! But do you think I could capture a photo with the bag entirely in view? Heck no!

P.S. I look grumpy because straight after these photos I had to start carting lucerne bales in from the paddock and into the hayshed before the rain hit. Four tough, sweaty, dirty hours in an old 1960s truck? I don't think so.

ballet flats - DeBonisOrquera 
vintage Omega watch - gift

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