Saturday, 23 April 2011

Flogging my wares

It is time again for a wardrobe clear-out, so I can buy a dress I'm pining for on etsy! (See how good I am raising the funds first - no more credit card debt for me now).

Friday, 22 April 2011

Machinery shed, C1850s

After months and months, I finally have these two dresses from greatgrandmaagnes in my hot little hands! I wonder what sort of trip they had while they were lost in the post - they could have been anywhere!

Stupid me decided to ride my bike down to the machinery shed to take some photos, but when I jumped on my bike, I lost a button on my lilac dress! So you'll have to excuse the missing button. I only wish that the lilac dress hadn't been shortened - thankfully there is a little bit of extra fabric in the hem that I will take down, but it would have been much nicer to fall below the knee.

I need to take this dress in a bit around the waist and bust, as it gapes quite a bit. Other than that, it's quite lovely! It would look much nicer with my hair set - and you'll be happy to know I've just had my hair cut, so no more blue hair, which means I can set again!

The next two photos were taken inside the machinery shed. I wasn't fully aware of the history until I overheard my Dad telling his workmate about it when he came to visit. The shed was built in the 1850s by an employee of the Clyde Company (who my family bought the property from). I assumed all the rusty roof sheets were new, but not so - they all bear a stamp saying they came all the way from London! There are two patches in the roof where the sheets have torn or rusted through - I guess we're going to have to look long and hard to find replacement ones now (thanks to the building being heritage listed).

I love the interior - it looks like there is a tree propping the roof up. And see the faint purple marks on the rear wall? They used to hold community dances in there, so they painted decorations on the walls to "spruce" it up a little bit!

And finally, my brother and Dad put some new posts in around the cattle yards, and while they were still wet, one of the sheep stood in it! I think it was Brando. I love the fact that he choose to stand on the one piece of concrete that my brother had marked the year in. It's like baby's first footprint! 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Adelaide, on a plane....

Finally, Dad's pictures from our trip away in Adelaide! Enjoy.

(interior of a winery we visited)

(The amazingly strong Clydesdale at Victor Harbor)

(Mum and I taking a breezy stroll)
(Our accommodation for the night. Best meals ever to be had in the restaurant downstairs too)


(The city of churches)

(I'm so squinty because the light was reflecting off the shiny triangles!)

(Token handshake shot)

(Triffids, anyone?)

(Dad's not the greatest at outfit photos - he didn't even get the whole thing in!)

Friday, 8 April 2011

What goes around...

... eventually comes around! Remember how months ago I was in a pickle because two vintage dresses from etsy were lost in the mail? Well they've finally been returned to the seller, unharmed after all these months - it's a postal miracle!

I'm very excited that these dresses are making their way back to me again (along with something else from the greatgrandmaagnes etsy store. I will be sure to post some pictures when they arrive for you all.

Monday, 4 April 2011


I haven't been spending much money on clothes lately. My spending habits go through phases - currently I am all about crossing things off my wishlist, and that I have been doing!

I bought a retro style bicycle. It's red and everything! Ideally I'd like a Schwinn or a Malvern Star, but seeing as I haven't ridden a bicycle since an ill-fated day back in 1996 when I fell off onto gravel, taking most of the skin on my left side off at the same time, I figure it's best to test the waters first. So I bought this beauty from a little bike store on eBay. I was going to take some swell pictures of me riding it wearing a pretty frock, but our maiden ride was short-lived as it started to bucket down with rain!

I've also started to vintage-ify the laundry. There isn't much scope for vintage in this room, as it's also the shoe rack / hot water system / bar freezer / honey extractor storage room too. But I thought a nice little IKEA Lack shelf with some vintage laundry items wouldn't go astray. So far I have a near-full bottle of Trix, and a full packet of Tintex dye.

And finally, we stopped by J's late-poppa's house to pick up something that he left J in his will. All of J's aunties and uncles were there, clearing out the house, and we had a rummage through the unwanted pile of items that was destined for the Brotherhood. Among other things, I found a 1950s book called Successful Dressmaking and a photo of his poppa serving in Darwin during WWII (kneeling, second from the right).

And more recently, I've had great luck with my canister collection! While in Adelaide, I picked up a cute little (1940s, I'm guessing) salt canister, and yesterday at a market I found a pair of Nally S&P shakers (please ignore the filthy wall - who designs a house with only one row of tiles in the kitchen?!)

And lastly, I absolutely fell in love with a Princess Highway coat from Dangerfield. BUT it was $200. A few years ago I would have handed over my credit card without a second thought, but these days that is just too much. So I left it behind with all the other pretties in the store. Thankfully I didn't regret my non-purchase for long, because I found this vintage coat at the Mill Markets for only $65, and it is almost identical to the Princess Highway one! Hallelujah for second-hand.