Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Meet Ringo

Ringo is the latest addition to our family, isn't he so beautiful? He was dumped near a friend's house, so I managed to convince J we needed him (on the proviso that I don't get a new lamb this year, and that I clean up after him). Well, I already clean up after J, so no biggie. When we got him, his was soooo skinny (worms, most likely).

I felt I had to keep in the tradition we've set ourselves with naming animals - we have Brando, Jagger and Hendrix - so it only made sense to name him after a musician or film star. To find a name for kitty, I actually whipped out my iPod, started scrolling from A through the bands and only made it to B. Later on, a friend mentioned she once had a cat named Zeppelin. Damn, I wish I had scrolled further down to L!

Any more animals and we will have to get an ABN and market ourselves as a zoo.

(so glad kitty doesn't need fancy toys - he loves his beer case)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Infinity Dress

I made one!

I had been tossing up buying one on etsy for a while, but then I had a lightbulb moment (that I really should have had earlier) and decided to make my own.

I used instructions from a few different places, namely Rostitchery, Knuckle Salad and Sew Like My Mom. I found I had to mix and match instructions, as some people explained certain sections really well but glossed over others.

I don't know if we have it worse off than in the States, but don't go by the price guide! I was a little disappointed that US seamstresses could buy enough fabric for this dress for around $15 total. I bought mine at Spotlight, and it was $15/m (and I needed four metres!) Short ladies will win here - the amount of fabric you need depends on your height, as the straps should be around 1.5 times your height.

I spotted a lovely teal coloured jersey at Spotlight while I was picking out my dark red, so I will go back and grab enough to make another. I'm planning on taking these to Vanuatu in November, when J and I take our first international holiday together.

Apologies for the inside photos and leggings - it is far too cold here at the moment!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Quick outfit post

Quick outfit post. It has been so chilly lately; biting winds and lots of rain. I'm so thankful I found this coat when I did - coat shopping is always a chore for me, probably because they're often an expensive item that needs to go with many things. I still need to move the buttons on it because it's a little too big, but I haven't gotten around to it. I really ought to be wearing some tights for this picture - my legs haven't seen daylight in a long while - they almost blend into the walls!

heels - eBay
coat - 1970s ILGWU from the Mill Markets
blouse and skirt (underneath) - thrifted
beanie - eBay
mink - vintage store in Adelaide

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ford Discovery Centre

Geelong is home of the Ford motor car in Australia. And as such, there is a Ford museum (called the Ford Discovery Centre). The Centre is literally accross the road from my work, yet J and I have never made it inside, despite constantly saying "we really ought to go there one day!"

So yesterday, as we were walking past, we finally bit the bullet and walked inside. The cars on display are constantly changing, and there were some absolute beauties in there. There were also some ugly 1990s models on display - but you win some, lose some. There was even an XY GTHO with ~40,000 original miles on it's second set of factory tyres in immaculate unrestored condition - making it worth over $1,000,000 now.

1954 Customline

1965 XP Woody wagon - can you believe these weren't popular?
They made less than 100.

1957 Mainline ambulance

1957 Mainline ambulance

Ladies working at the Ford plant during WWII - I love the their blouses

1950s advertisement

Then we went to a pet store so I could grab some crickets and cockroaches for my lizard (I know, I find it really disgusting to feed him the cockroaches, but he needs them for strong and healthy teeth) and we spotted these unfortunate looking goldfish - I wonder what happened during their evolution to make them become cross eyed.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Like sands through the hourglass

I've been shopping again! My urge to shop comes in fits and starts, and right now I'm in the grips of a splurge-a-thon. Here are a couple of things that have made it to me from Etsy.

Print from drkennedyjones - this is hanging near my desk (being a librarian and all, it's very fitting)

1970s dress from HinterlandVintage - I don't own much brown, and I love the leafy pattern. Actually, true story - my mother hated the colour brown so much, she refused to let me wear it as I was growing up! Even now I think I only own one brown skirt, and that's it.

Hemp and leather bracelet from KarensjewelryKorner - very different to what I usually wear, but I love the colours (and it was only US$4!)

Bamboo reusable cutlery from krazybear - I love the teal and gold dragonfly print fabric wrap too

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Washington Nugget - I declare shenanigans!

A bit of background - the "Washington Nugget", an 8.2 pound gold nugget, was found last year in California, and went up for auction earlier in the year. A nugget of this size and in this location is extremely rare, and as such, it sold at auction for US$460,000. The guy who found it is even selling his property for millions, suggesting that there could be much more gold to be found there.

Problem is - it's a lie. This nugget was found by J's uncle in 1987 in a tiny town in country Victoria, Australia. He's a full time prospector, and we even went prospecting with him last year when we went on a family holiday to Carisbrook.

Photo on the left, taken in the US from this site:

Photo on the right, taken from an Aussie prospecting magazine in 1987.

J's uncle is in talks with a US TV station who are hoping to fly him out for an interview in the next couple of days or so.

The geologist in the US who "authenticated" the nugget as being a true US one is apparently on the backpedal, saying that two Aussies are trying to scam him.

We're off to visit J's uncle to get copies of the photos and newspaper clippings they have from the 80s.

You heard it first! #nuggetgate!

Edited to add - the story has broken in the US and I'm adding some more photos that we just took down at J's relatives place:

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blues and greens should never be seen

I know, right? Finally an outfit post! I haven't been feeling the vintage mojo lately - and as much as I hate to say it, it's because J told me a few months back that he prefers me in normal clothes. I know it shouldn't affect what I wear, but I can't help it - I want to look good for him.

I've had a pretty crummy week with car woes and falling ill, so today I perked myself up by getting my nails done in a beautiful OPI scarlet shade, and now I am watching oodles of Ghost Whisperer episodes and eating a packet of Tim Tams. You know, they really ought to sell smaller packets of Tim Tams, thus limiting the amount us ladies can eat in one sitting! Really not helping the weight loss cause.

Skirt - Colorado, thrifted
Petticoat - thrifted
Knit top - Barkins, thrifted
Cardi - Friends of Couture
Socks - Topshop
Heels - Forever 21
Headscarf - Topshop

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Up, down, turn around; Please don't let me hit the ground

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster at the moment - one minute life is perfect, the next minute there is a spanner in the works! After my mini-breakdown over my major assignment, I calmed down and became quite blasé about quite possibly failing the unit. Turns out I managed a Credit, and then I breezed through the open-book exam so I should hopefully hold a C or a D average across the unit. So now I can look forward to 800 pages of even harder coding, in the form of C# next semester. Major breakdown expected.

Last weekend we spent a few days relaxing, inflicting and then recovering from a huge hangover down in a holiday house on the Great Ocean Road with another couple, which was just beautiful. I could live down there, if it weren't for the lack of jobs. Then back to reality, where reality and I collided with a bang.

I blew a tyre on my "new" car (J's old car). Turns out a slow leak from a puncture blew royally, so I was driving around with a 4 inch gash in my tyre and the smell of burning rubber filling the air. Hallelujah Dad, who came to my rescue and changed my tyre for me. Now, before you ask why I didn't change it myself - listen up! Not only could the jack not fit under the car because the car is ridiculously lowered, but one of the wheel nuts on said wheel was cross-threaded, so my Dad had to snap the nut off. The force of which was so powerful that afterward the nut burnt my hand from the friction. I limped home on the tiny spare, thankful I had the FC to fall back on.

But no...

... it wasn't to be. It appears that the plague of mice that we're currently experiencing have found the FC's battery and radiator hose to be particularly tasty. And I'm miffed that I only replaced all the same parts last year from the same darn mice problem. Gah!! How can we have FOUR vehicles and only one of them is driveable (but it has a serious 'funk' of mouse poo - they're working their way into the car interiors to nibble on the seats).

Gosh-damned cars costing me money that I could spend on pretty things instead.

Anyway, time to focus on the positives. See this? A workmate just returned from a holiday to Africa, and she bought me a beautiful beaded bracelet!

See this? My uncle secretly entered my chutney into a show in Brisbane, and I won third prize! I was so chuffed - I will be a CWA (Country Womens' Association, or as my Dad calls it - the Chin Waggers Association) lady yet. I actually looked into joining my local CWA group, but they only meet on weekdays, which doesn't suit me. Boo.

And see this? I bought a new canister! I don't know what decade this is - perhaps 1970s? It is GayWare, with a Tupperware-like fitting lid. I know it's definitely not 1950s because I Googled. If you know what decade it's from, please let me know.