Saturday, 30 July 2011

Divine decedence

Whaddaya know, I'm wearing vintage! You can all thank the genius that is Rogers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music for putting me back in a vintage mood - it was on Foxtel last night, so kitty and I had a singalong. No matter how many times I watch that film, I always cry. You know the scene where Captain Von Trapp and Maria dance in the courtyard, and their eyes lock? Tears right there.

So anyway, I didn't do anything particularly special this morning - I just went to the nail studio to have my nails did! I was very excited, because they had just ordered in a plethora of new colours, and there was one that was calling my name. I can't remember what the actual OPI shade name is, but I'm calling this one 'divine decedence'... it's not quite as green as Sally's (but more green than it looks in the photos), but I'll take it. Here's hoping you get the reference - it's only one of my all-time favourite films!

P.S. I did my hair today with my GHD and it's holding up really well. It doesn't give me the style of curl I'd prefer, but heck, it's holding a curl so beggars can't be choosers!






Skirt - antique store in Geelong
1950s suit jacket - eBay
Heels - Dianna Ferrari
Seamed stockings - What Katie Did
Bag - thrifted
Ring - random jewellery store

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Back to normal

I think my Blogger / Google Apps woes are over. Sure, I now have two separate accounts that can no longer talk to each other where I used to have one, but I'm not complaning. Apologies for being scarce in these parts for a few weeks.

Today I went op-shopping, as J is working weekends for overtime now (as well as Monday to Friday - how he does it I'll never know). I found something I'd been looking for too - a tea box to store my teabags. I'd prefer a larger one, but this will do perfectly in the meantime. T'was $2. And the apron was $2 too.

Then I decided to be sneaky and duck into an antique market on the way home, and of course I found something to buy when my credit card is nearly maxed out... a very grubby but working 1960s Astor radio.


So I pulled it apart and scrubbed it clean. There are still marks on the red plastic though - I'm not an expert in this area... is it bakelite? I remember reading (was it on your blog, Kitty?) that you can use Domestos to clean bakelite, as long as you wipe it off really quickly.

Mum and Dad both said 3XY used to be the hip station when they were growing up, but the advent of FM radio saw the station's demise. There must have been so many stations to choose from back in AM radio's day, judging by all the codes listed. I bet this radio has blasted out some killer tunes too.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Google Apps = PITA!

I may be on a hiatus for a little while - I'm having major dramas with my Google Apps account (you know, because the new Google Apps doesn't support Blogger... or profiles. Ridiculous.) I can't log in using my normal log-in anymore, I've been trying for days and somehow managed to fluke it today, but I don't remember what I did! I'm considering moving to Wordpress, but I'd also like to move everything I have with Google elsewhere... which really isn't an option. I'll stockpile a few posts so I'll be rearing to post as soon as Google fixes their mess.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Melbourne Zoo

On the weekend, J, his younger brother and I shipped ourselves off to the Melbourne Zoo for a day of animal viewing. Highlights? The baby orangutan playing around with his elders, the show-off seals, and three lions giving each other a bath!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Atomic cup and saucer set

Ridgway Potteries Ltd - 'Homemaker'

Last weekend at a local market I picked up this set. It was quite cheap - the seller told me that it wasn't a matching set, seeing as the cup didn't bear any markings while the two saucers did. I didn't mind though, I just loved the pattern so I snapped it up for $5.

After some Googling though, I think that the cup does indeed match the saucer. All the photos I found online of this print have a solid black cup. I never saw a set with two saucers though, and they each have different markings on the bottom so I assume they're not a set? Anyone know?