Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gangsters' Ball 2011

What a weekend.

I nearly forgot the tickets (thankfully C reminded me when we were filling up with fuel near home).

I forgot my dress. Oh yes, the most important thing. My lovely mum drove halfway to Melbourne to deliver it to me.

Because of the dress shenanigans, we missed out on eating delicious, authentic Chinese noms in Chinatown. Although J and C did pick up some lovely vegetarian frittatas for dinner from a cafe down the road.

The Victoria Hotel was wonderful as always.

Parking a very large car in an inner city multi-storey carpark is what nightmares are made of. I was so certain I was scratching every single panel trying to drive up and down the narrow ramps.

To be honest, J and I were a little disappointed in the Ball itself. Reasons?

- The MC was vulgar and classless (although, he could twirl a mean Diabolo)
- The drinks were ridiculously expensive ($9.50 for a tiny champagne, $14.50 for a spirit)
- There was less variety in the performances (most performers performed twice to fill the lineup, whereas last year most only performed once) and music (last year they played a great mix of 20s-50s tunes… this year, there were only two 50s songs for the rock’n’roll dance comp)
- There were hardly any ladies in real vintage, and even more ladies than last year mistaking Moulin Rouge stripper wear for 1920s-50s fashion. I don’t need to see the folds in your cleavage or your ass, thank you very much.

 The positives though?

- The smaller turnout meant that queues for the bathrooms and bar were virtually non-existent, and we could always find a seat to rest our feets.
- The band, The B#s, were great.
- Gypsy Wood, the burlesque performer, was amazing. And enviable.
- The extraordinary drink prices meant we couldn't afford to get hangovers!
- My hair looked awesome (IIMSSM) and I got lots of compliments.

Apologies the pictures aren't great - I didn't take my DSLR because I was worried it might get stolen from the hotel room, so I took our point and shoot, which doesn't take the greatest non-natural light shots.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pyrex. 1927.

I love my job. And who knew Pyrex was so old? I certainly didn't. P.S. Sorry I cannot scan straight!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Keeping doctors in business

I'm still sick, would you believe it? After two weeks post-cold still not feeling right, I went back to the doctors, to discover that I have a sinus, throat AND ear infection? That's the ENT trifecta.

Stuck on the couch, I've been watching a whoooooole lot of Sex and the City, and How I Met Your Mother, playing Smurf Village on the iPad and planning the perfect tropical island holiday wardrobe for our upcoming trip to Vanuatu. Damn wireless technology making instant splurges that much easier.

I promise some proper posts once I'm back on my feet. Next weekend is the Gangsters' Ball so I should hopefully have some decent snaps to share with you :) but until then, here's a couple of items I've bought:

1960s dress from TheArborVitae
Snow Berry court shoes from ASOS