Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My week in instagram

They finally aired the episode of Spicks and Specks that I was an audience member of. I even have one of the question cards. See Adam Hills on the telly? He's ticking the answers off that are on my card! 

I love the front of the card too - I want to get it framed, but I would like to display both sides somehow.

My new ASOS red velvet ballet flats. The huge bows remind me of Minnie Mouse.

I pulled this old gem out - my Tatty Devine dinosaur necklace. A birthday gift from Mum for my 18th I think. Or perhaps it was my 21st? Not sure.

What a nifty idea - tying six glass bottles together with twine to form a lovely table centerpiece. Spotted at Fuel, a new cafe near work.  I want to recreate this at home.

Stacks of vintage books at the Mill Markets.  Twine must be all the rage right now.

My ridiculously expensive vaccine I need for our Vanuatu trip. I nearly fell over when the pharmacist said $130. That's nearly three weeks rent for me! It's for Typhoid and Hep A, if you're interested.

My new Barbie coloured nails, and the print on my 1960s house dress.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shopping trip swagger

Yesterday was the annual local tennis club's shopping trip. For those of you who have never been on a shopping trip, it requires about 50 country ladies, a bus, a verrrry eary morning start, 7-10 factory outlets, a lot of delicious food and general good times. I was feeling a little poorly, so to compensate I wore my newish-to-me 1960s house dress. I like to think the bright colours fooled people into believing I was more chipper than I actually was. Well, until I opened my mouth to speak and they heard my croaky voice.

stripe tee - kmart
belt - eBay
leggings - factorie
velvet flats - ASOS

I didn't buy a great deal of stuff - mainly things I needed like kitchenware. This set of four ceramic mixing bowls was $10, a bargain in my books. Lots of ladies grabbed a set.

Ceramic frying pan (so we don't ingest any icky non-stick chemicals) was $20, the glass quiche dish was $7, the glass lasagna dish was $11.50, and the wheat heat pack was $5 (great for people with broken bodies like me).

A new hoodie from Russell Athletic - a bit of a splurge at $40, but I wear the one I bought last year all the time. Never mind my lounge pants and general slothliness. I have what I suspect is laryngitis, and Dr. Google agrees with me. I'm seeing a proper doctor tomorrow though.

And no matter what I do, Blogger keeps displaying this image on its side. I've changed it on my PC, renamed it, copied and pasted it into Paint, rotated it in Photobucket... whatever, I give up! It's a Diana Ferrari dress, marked down from $160 to $36. Bargain with a capital B.


All up I spent only $109, but as a group our busload of ladies spent over $12,600! Ten percent of that money goes back into the tennis club too, so our spending helps keep the tennis club afloat. I'm off now to sleep on the couch, play a little Portal 2, and try to refrain from coughing up a lung. I'm pretty sure I need both of em.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Cooking with radiation

A few new acquisitions at work for the Special Collections area. Pretty self explanatory, I think. Except for some reason the scanner didn't pick up the words "Recipe Book" on the second image. Strange.

Monday, 3 October 2011

This boring life

You know your life is boring when you are struggling for blog post content. Apologies. Here, I'll make up for it in quick succession:

My last parcel from etsy arrived, but it took 6 weeks to arrive, and in that time I lost weight so now the two dresses are way too big for me. They're on eBay along with some other vintage if you're interested. Half price shipping for Aussie blog followers :)

 The Cats won the AFL Grand Final, wooo! I watched it with a friend and her newborn bub. The boys got very messy and I had to deliver them to their beds at 3am.

 We are off to Vanuatu is in less than 6 weeks! I was planning on proposing to J there, but I think he might have the same idea. We've picked a beautiful 1930s ring, but money is tight, so we're praying it doesn't sell before we can scrounge up the funds.

 I'm doing the 30 Day Shred. In five days I've lost five inches. I highly recommend it, but it's not for the fainthearted. The first couple of days are painful.

 Fred and Ginger are doing their mama proud, and are now out in the paddock with Mary and Brando, eating their big-kid grass. That also means less feeds a day, which this mama loves.

 The planning permit for our new shed is ready to be approved. J cannot wait to have his six-car "man cave".

 I'm tossing up between dying my hair firetruck red, or going a natural-looking chocolaty dark brown. Tough decisions here.

I think that's about it. My days have been very boring - up at 5am, exercise, go to work, come home from work, eat tea, asleep by 8pm. Thrilling, huh?