Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Topazery.com review

Normal readers: ignore this post. When we were hunting for an engagement ring online, we really struggled finding decent reviews and feedback from some online stores, so I figured this was the best way to get our review out there... The Google crawler will pick it up eventually so other would-be shoppers can find it!


We ended up going through Topazery.com because of we both felt it was THE ring. I was initially a bit suss about their legal agreement - there are some very specific clauses in there regarding returns and refunds that might cause you to raise an eyebrow. Also the lack of feedback online was worrying, thus why I'm writing this now.


Any international orders from Topazery are slugged an extra "special processing fee" which is 3.5% of the order cost, plus an extra $7.50 "transaction fee". I suspect that they use the "special processing fee" to cover the high costs of international couriering, as I doubt the US$55 postage they charge covers it. Honestly, it'd be better if they upped their postage costs than charge this random fee on top of postage.


They were quite prompt with replying to my queries. I first asked if they offer holds/laybuys, and was told they didn't. I then queried the wording of their shipping information - it wasn't clear whether they posted 7-10 business days after receiving the order, or 7-10 business after the payment cleared. Turns out it's the former, not the latter - I received all replies within 24 hours.


It took 5 working days for my payment to clear from my Australian credit card account into their merchant account. They shipped the ring the following day.


Our order was posted via FedEx, and the tracking was amazing. As the ring was over Australia's $1,000 limit for duty and GST, we had to pay extra so the ring could clear Customs. I waited until the tracking information displayed "package ready for clearance", then called up FedEx and paid the duty and GST over the phone with a credit card. The parcel cleared Customs that same day (a Sunday, mind you). As we weren't going to be home to sign for the delivery, I called the FedEx customer hotline and chose to authorise the driver to leave the parcel at our address (hidden somewhere of course). The other option was to reschedule delivery, but we work full time so no workday would suit. The parcel was delivered on the predicted delivery date, five days after being posted.

The ring

We knew the ring was about 1.5 sizes too small, so we took a chance that our jeweller would be able to enlarge it. They couldn't say for certain without actually seeing the ring in person. Topazery.com offer their own resizing service, but I was a little uncertain as a) resized rings are not returnable, and b) I've seen some variation in ring size conversion charts across the internet, and I felt it would be safer for it to be resized here. We had no trouble getting it resized in Australia, but we did have to find a specialist who worked with (and stocked enough) palladium.

All in all, it was a success and we would buy from Topazery.com again!

UPDATE (31/08/12)

So it has been nearly 12 months since we bought the engagement ring from Topazery, and we have only just sent it into a local jeweller to have the metal confirmed... turns out the ring IS NOT PALLADIUM as was advertised, it is white gold. Plated white gold. Even the jeweller in Australia who resized my ring initially did not alert us to the fact it was white gold, despite us mentioning it was supposedly palladium. My fiancĂ© is understandably pissed off, but it doesn't change the fact that I love the ring to death.

We are currently awaiting the jeweller's valuation of the ring - I will update this post when we get that back.

UPDATE (10/04/13)

Sorry for taking so long to update this with the valuation details - I don't blog these days so completely forgot about this post until somebody commented on it!

The valuation came back at $1,000 more than what we paid for it, so we're extremely happy. I am now married, and the ring looks wonderful against my wedding band too :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a girl who lost the urge to blog for a good many moons, and to dress in all her fancy, ladylike clothes. She rode out the boring months in trackpants and jeans, all the while feeling a little down and out. She went on an overseas holiday, and was proposed to by the man of her dreams, then discovered the blogging itch had returned! This is my story...

We are only four days back from sunny Vanuatu, which was just wonderful. But that's another blog post.

Today we had a family shindig on J's side, then we wined and dined with my family, and showed them all our fabulous photos of paradise. To tell you the truth, I'm getting a little sick of talking about our holiday, but what can you do?

And you see, I dyed my hair. It's a coppery colour at the roots, gradating down to a dark brown at the ends. That's what you get when you're too scared to bleach out the existing black hair dye! I love it nonetheless, and J has nicknamed me Coppertop, which is a much better nickname than what he was calling me previously (Raz-dog... urgh, how horrible is that!)

cardigan - Alannah Hill (I just knew I shouldn't have walked into the store on the day I bought this cardi... who could say no to a red cardi with bows and sparkles? Nobody, that's who).
blouse - ASOS
black underthing - Kiss Me Deadly Vargas girdle dress
skirt - thrifted
velvet ballet flats - ASOS

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dum, dum de-dum

Finally for once I have exciting news... I am going to be a Mrs! J proposed last Friday afternoon with a beautiful 1930s palladium, ruby and diamond ring.

Twasn't the most traditional of proposals - I was well aware of every step in the process, as we bought it online from the States - but it was a shock when he proposed in the doorway of our house just an hour after he got it home from being resized at the jewellers.

Other news:

♥ We are off to Vanuatu in two days (heck yes - twelve days of lounging around in swimwear with a cocktail in my hand)

♥ The FC broke down AGAIN. This time the starter motor blew at the service station. My awesome dad has already fixed it.

♥ I bought more canisters at a local antique fair. And some vintage baby stuff. Photos to come.

♥ Our shed is being produced. We should have the materials by December, but we have to wait until harvesting is finished (end of January, usually) for my brother to return so we can erect it.

♥ We spotted our first snake in the paddock... a four foot brown. Time to start wearing gumboots and carrying shovels.

♥ Fred and Ginger are back home with me after recovering from their mulesing.

That's pretty much it, really. No wedding date set yet, but perhaps March 2013. So now, forgive the blogging silence for a few more weeks while we frolic in the sun.