Going Green

No purchasing of items for myself. This includes toiletries (I'm fully stocked), clothes, FC parts... nada! I would extend this to everyone, but I have a few birthdays this month.

No take-away or restaurant meals, bottled drinks or snacks (apart from when I'm staying in Melbourne for the Gangsters' Ball and Mary Poppins show - but BYO water and snacks)

All meals must be home cooked, using fresh items where possible

More expensive grocery items will be chosen if they have less packaging

The use of plastic bags is prohibited! Small bags for fruit and vegies will only be used when buying 4 or more identical items, and will be recycled from previous shopping trips (I have several stashed away).

I must carry reusable shopping bags everywhere I go. I use brightly coloured Baggu bags

I will unplug unused electrical items at the wall

Rubbish must be diligently sorted into Rubbish, Recycling and Composting. We're aiming for under one small bag of true rubbish per week

I must repair all the garments in my 'To Repair' pile

I will put on an extra layer of clothes before turning on the heater

I will use Blackle

I will switch to biodegradable dishwashing liquid and laundry powder. Once these run out, I will make my own.


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